Living an Eco-Friendly Life on Earth Day and Every Day with Earth Footwear

Disclosure: This post was created as part of the Earth Footwear Earth Day Ambassador Campaign in which I am a financially compensated blogger. The opinions are my own and based on my own experience.

For most eco-conscious citizens, every day is Earth Day; however, on April 22, we take a moment to reflect on our carbon footprint and pay closer attention to ways to live more eco-friendly.

Living with a more eco-conscious presence starts with making small changes in our daily routines and setting an example for our kids so that they may be more concerned with conservation, protecting and preserving the planet.

To start a conversation about conservation, plan a beautification project with your kids in honor of Earth Day. It could something as simple as picking up trash around your neighborhood park or something a bit more hands-on such as planting xeriscape plants which require little water or maintenance.

Every year on Earth Day, my kids and I organize and plan a beautification project. This year, due to scheduling conflicts our Earth Day Extravaganza will take place the day after Earth Day. However as luck would have it, our beatification project will fall on Bring Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Therefore, my kids will be sharing our Earth Day activities on social media like good little bloggers. Watch for Instagram photos (@run_dmt) and live tweets (@denisermt) as we take a nature hike, plant wildflowers and enjoy a healthy version of dirt cups.

Rather than setting aside one day to teach kids about conservation truly make every day Earth Day by adapting a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

In honor of Earth Day, here are seven simple ways to start living a more eco-friendly life.

7 Simple Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Life


If your sanitation department does not offer curbside recycling removal, many cities offer drop-off locations for recyclables. In our city, newspapers are not part of the recycling service; however, there is a newspaper collection at the high school.

Set aside one day a week for recycling. Take it reducing and recycling another step further by joining a TerraCycle Brigade to help reduce waste while raising money for a school or organization.


Instead of thinking of an item as trash, breathe some new life and purpose into it. My girls and I love making pillows out of some of their favorite old clothes. As a runner, old race shirts make great pajamas but they also make excellent patchwork quilts when stitched together. My cupboard is full of Chinese restaurant take-out containers, which make fantastic food storage containers for leftovers.

Donate used items.

Rather than dumping discarded books, old clothes, toys or household items, donate the items. Public libraries will happily take your old books and sell them for additional revenue to benefit the library collection. Thrift stores take most gently used items and will even repair broken items before selling them. If you can’t make it to a collection site, many agencies will come and pick up the items on designated days in your neighborhood.

Use eco-friendly products.

This is a no-brainer. Harsh chemicals are no good for you or the environment. Several popular eco-friendly brands have become more readily available at retail and grocery stores and typically those products drop in price and even offer online coupons in conjunction with Earth Day.  Now is a perfect time to make the switch and stock up! However, if eco-friendly products are not in your budget, then consider using more natural products such as vinegar to clean your home.

Stop treating your lawn.

According to the U.S. National Wildlife Federation, over 70 million tons of fertilizers and pesticides are applied to residential lawns and gardens annually. It should come as no surprise that the chemicals used to kill insects are harmful to you and your pets. The chemicals seep into the aquifers and do detrimental damage to the environment by killing indigenous plants and animals. Insects serve a purpose in the food chain and many insects including bees play an important part in pollination. Keep the planet green by adopting green lawn methods such as a mixture consisting of 5 parts white vinegar, 2 parts water and 1 part dish soap.

Eat organic.

Whether or not you believe the science behind eating organic, the fact remains that organic farming methods are better for the planet and livestock. If you are not ready for the hike in your grocery bill, start with purchasing at least one organic food item such as produce, milk or meats.

Purchase eco-friendly clothes.

Shopping with the planet in mind will really help your walk a bit taller. Buying sustainable clothing is better for the planet and the people who wear eco-friendly fashions. Clothing made with organic cotton and hemp are produced without pesticides or synthetic materials and hemp crops actually help reduce greenhouse gases.

Earth Footwear

Companies like Earth Footwear walk the walk when it comes to conservation. Through a partnership with Trees for the Future (a non-profit restoration organization to plant more trees), Earth Brands has a made a commitment to the planet through its “Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree on Earth” program.

As part of the launch of the Spring/Summer 2015, I received TWO pairs of shoes to review in conjunction with my Earth Day Beautification Project.

Being a marathon mom on the run, I spend most of my days on my feet in running shoes between chasing the miles and chasing after my kids. Therefore comfort is my number one priority, especially giving my painful bunions and plantar fasciitis.  The Mary Jane style Tanglewood are perfectly comfortable for casual days.

With a padded heel area, a reinforced arch, and multi-density cushioning layer, Earth Footwear shoes are designed to let me stay on the move while offering all day comfort. I love that the Wanderlust offers a little lift with lots of comfort. Plus, these heels looks great with jeans or a maxi dress.

Plus, Spring/Summer 2015 Earth Collection are reasonably priced (around the price of my favorite running shoes), starting at $85 and most styles are under $100. The combination of comfort, contemporary style and everyday value makes these shoes a winner for Earth Day and every day!

Learn more about Earth Footwear by visiting Stay grounded to Earth on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Stay tuned for my Kid-Friendly Earth Day Beautification Project!

Disclosure: This post was created as part of the Earth Footwear Earth Day Ambassador Campaign in which I am a financially compensated blogger. The opinions are my own and based on my own experience.


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