Halloween Costumes for Runners (And Costumes Tips Too!)

During the month of October, most people are planning their kids’ costumes, their trick-or-treating route and possibly a Halloween party, however, most runners like me are consumed with training and what to wear for upcoming Halloween races.

For Halloween themed races, it’s all about the comfort as it is for any run of the mill run or race. While you will see runners at Halloween races in full head-to-toe disguises, I do not recommend wearing too much of anything that will overheat you or hinder your performance.

Halloween Costumes for Runners - Run DMT

Tips for Halloween Running Costumes

Consider the distance for comfort

For a 5K, you can get away wearing cotton t-shirts, but for a half marathon you will want to wear wicking materials to keep you cool. Wicking materials allow sweat to evaporate quicker than cotton apparel and the polyester material in most costumes tend to trap heat instead of cooling. But in the end, it’s also about preference. So if you typically run in t-shirts or cotton tank tops, you may be fine in a cotton top on race day.

Avoid wear anything new.

Chafing, a rash or blisters may add to your Halloween look, however, it’s a frightening thought to any runner.  While you may be able to wear something new for a 5K, I do not recommend wearing anything new for a longer distance such as a half marathon. To avoid chafing or rubbing hot spots, it’s always best to test out your new threads during an everyday easy run.

Avoid face make-up.

While I do like to wear everyday makeup in races, I don’t like to wear Halloween face make-up. Nothing looks worse than a sweaty, dripping, runny face make-up zombie runner.

Keep it simple.

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash on a costume. Use what you already have. For a Halloween race, it’s just the general idea behind the costume. You don’t have to get too elaborate.

Start with the basics.

Solid color tops, running shorts and running skirts make a wonderful starting point. As you will notice in the costumes featured below, I’ve used the same blue top for multiple costumes.

Headgear finishes a look.

I know runners that can’t handle wearing anything on their heads just as some runners can’t handle holding anything in their hands while they run. Head gear like hats, headbands, tiaras or crowns won’t cause too much aggravation or irritation, but it’s best to test it out for comfort before you run.

Tutus complete any ensemble.

Homemade tutus are cheap and easy to make. See my post on how to make your own easy no sew tutu for your next race.

As for costumes for runners, here are some of my favorite ideas.

Flo from Progressive

Buy the Flo costume online from Etsy and wear it with a white running skirt and a white top, however, I highly recommend removing the apron before running.

Flo Costume for Runners

Devil in the Blue Dress

Wear a blue top and blue running skirt and accessorize the “blue dress” with devil’s horns.

Devil With a Blue Dress - Run DMT

Cookie Monster

Purchase this Cookie Monster tank from Amazon and pair it with some blue shorts.

Cookie Monster - run DMt

Glee Cheerleader

Buy the Glee Cheerleader costume online, but wear a lose fitting, comfortable running skirt with it.

Glee Cheerleader Costume - Run DMT

Finn and Jake from Adventure Time

As you can see, this Finn costume utilizes that blue top again, along with a fun Finn tutu I found at Hot Topic, white compression socks and a Finn hat from Sears. To dress as Jake, my friend, Chrissy, wore a yellow top and skirt with a Jake Hat.

Adventure Time - Finn and Jake - Run DMT

Princess Belle

Reuse that yellow top and yellow running skirt and top it off with a tiara for the perfect Princess Belle ensemble. I added some extra princess flair with a homemade yellow tutu.

Princess Belle - Run DMT


For me, this beloved Doctor Who TARDIS dress from Hot Topic is not just a costume for races. It’s something I wear often. But when I do wear it for a Halloween or Doctor Who themed race, the blue compression socks and TARDIS light headband complete the look.TARDIS - Run DMT

Minnie Mouse

Dressing as Minnie Mouse will make your Halloween race a magical one. All you need is a red and white polka dot skirt from Running Skirts, black top,  black compression and Minnie Mouse ears, of course. Buy your ears here or make your own.

Minnie Mouse - Run DMT

Princess Leia

Every since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be Princess Leia. My princess dream came true at WDW Star Wars Half Marathon earlier this year. Dressing like Leia is super simple and the PERFECT runner costume! All you need is a white running skirt, a white running top and then twist you hair into two buns on either side of your head. To be honest, I actually repurposed my Flo from Progressive Costume. 😉

Star Wars Half Marathon - Princess Leia-Run DMT costumes

What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes for Halloween races?

For other great Halloween costume ideas for runners, follow my Pinterest boards: Halloween Costumes for runners and runDisney for fun costume ideas for Disney races.


    • Denise says:

      Thank you! Minnie Mouse is so overdone. Don’t do that one for a Disney race! lol I saw a really cute Anna costume online. Check my Pinterest board. Some of them are so easy to recreate!

  1. molly says:

    haha, I love all your costumes! I’ve done one Halloween -themed race (Halloween Halfathon last year!) but just wore black and orange. I’m running a race on Halloween again this year (different race) and already know I’ll be wearing black and orange again. Boring over here! But I do get a kick out of everyone in their costumes! I feel like I would get so hot! Your cookie monster one is about the only one I could handle. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be sporting this year! 🙂 #TBB #FridaySharefest

    • Denise says:

      I love dressing up! I haven’t decided which costume I’ll wear for the Halloween race this year, but it will probably include a tutu. lol Honestly, if you use your regular running clothes and plan a costume around that, you won’t get too hot. That’s why that Flo from Progressive is so great. It could work for Princess Leia too. 😉

    • Denise says:

      Thank you! We receieved a lot of compliments on our cookie monster tees. And that cheerleader costume was a winning costume! lol

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