Getting Kitten-y Soft Blowouts with Scotties

As a super busy mom on the run, I rarely have time for myself. My goal this year was to achieve BALANCE and I’ve managed a pretty decent job of balancing family life and a busy runner blogger life. But truth be told, I sometimes slack on planning a little pampering time for myself.

Blo Tampa

As much as I love to pamper my overworked tired, rundown runner feet, pedicures are a rare treat and when it comes to scheduling my hair appointments, gray roots touch-ups are always a last minute availability for me.

So, when Scotties Tissues invited me to slow down for a blowout at Blo in Tampa, I saw the opportunity as a moment to stop and schedule something for ME for once. Of course, that evening I had a conference at my kids’ school so I had to balance hanging out with my blogging friends and bit of pampering with my mommy responsibilities. After all, it’s all about BALANCE.

Tracy of Having Fun Saving and I select our style.

In all honesty, I have never had a blowout. For those that don’t know, blowouts are like updos for suburban housewives, however, instead of an updo for a special occasion, you get a blowout so you have picture-perfect TV hair for your next big function or celebration. My big function just happened to be a parent-teacher conference and my bouffant blowout looked fabulous to talk about density and algebra.

Photo credit : Tracy Shaw

Prior to the event, I didn’t quite catch the connection to Scotties Tissues and blowouts, but upon our arrival the Blo stylists helped craft a kitten-y soft style and look that worked for each lady blogger. (Get it? Scotties Tissues features kittens on its boxes?)

Not only was the evening a fun evening to let our hair down, it was also an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Scotties Tissues. For example, one of Scotties Tissues major charitable causes is to support adoption of shelter cats. Scotties Tissues has worked with the Tampa Bay Humane Society over the last 3 years and have sponsored adoptions, which has resulted in approximately 500 cats going into loving homes.

Besides offering blowout to bloggers, finding loving homes for cats and helping combat colds, flu and allergies this season, Scotties also helps make the planet a little greener. Did you know for every tree Scotties uses, the company plants three in its place? That’s over 944 million trees in the last 50 years.

If fact, Scotties is encouraging kids in grades 3 – 6 to create a video explaining why they think trees are important and students can potentially win $10,000 for their school. November 13th is the last day to enter the Scotties Trees Rock video contest. Learn more at

Who knew that a facial tissue product could be so environmentally friendly?! Now, I can feel less guilty about a little me time and for number of facial tissues my family uses during allergy and flu season.

Scotties Tissues are available locally at many retailer stores such as Wal-Mart and Target as well as online at
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