Marathon Mom: Care for Your Family and Athletic Aspirations

You’re a hard-working, dedicated mother who is training to reach her goal of completing a marathon. But you’re worried that your athletic aspirations may get in the way of taking care of your family. You can avoid this guilt and set yourself up for success with specific lifestyle adjustments.

With the right tools and techniques you can stay on top of home management, meals, scheduling and communication while adhering to your training regimen. Here are some tips on how you can stay connected while training for a marathon.

New York City Marathon 2014

Home Management

Since your free time will be directed toward training, some household chores and small details may fall by the wayside. Luckily, there are many home technology devices that will keep your abode in good working order. For cleaning, you can use a robotic vacuum cleaner, like the Roomba. This robotic-vac can be set for certain times of the day and will quickly teach itself the parameters of your rooms, so it efficiently cleans all corners of your home.

You also may not be around to adjust your heating and cooling systems, which are important for a cozy and comfortable home. Use a smart thermostat, like Nest, that allows you to control the temperature of your home from your smartphone. You can create a custom heating and cooling schedule, so your home is at the perfect temperature when your family arrives home and while you’re out on your run.


Stay in touch with your family, when you’re out on the trails or the road. Try using a smartwatch like the Samsung Gear S2 so you’re available for any emergency calls, emails or texts. Its 4G connectivity capability means you can leave your bulky phone at home. The watch will also double as a fitness monitor, given its compatibility with many wellness apps. It’s water-resistant and dustproof design make it a durable wearable device that can still function in rough conditions. The hands-free voice command option helps you get directions while you’re out on your long-distance run and also seamlessly check in with your family without having to stop and type out your message.


Dinner time is prime time for your daily training, as it is after work and before dark. However, you don’t want to leave your family in the lurch without any meal plans. You can make meals ahead of time and store them in the freezer, so your family has some healthy food on hand. Try making use of a meal delivery service; there are over 100 meal delivery services that exist in the United States. An inexpensive alternative is Prime Now, which offers meal and grocery delivery for Amazon Prime members in specific areas. Prime Now allows you to order food remotely and have it delivered at a specific time by a courier who’s completed the shopping for you. This helps you redirect the hours you’d spend grocery shopping toward your marathon training.


Make sure everyone is on the same page for the family’s scheduled activities. Set up a digital scheduling system so the day’s plans can be shared with the entire family. Google Calendar is a helpful tool that will provide a calendar with clearly coded activities and events inserted in. The calendar will provide notifications before the planned activity or appointment, so nothing falls through the cracks. It’s a great tool that you and your partner can share to make sure the kids are taken care of and that everyone knows your training schedule. Other alternative digital calendars include TeamUp, Cozi Family Organizer and Famjama.

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