As School Ends, the Planning Begins with Florida PrePaid

This school year has worn me down.

I feel broken and I know I’m not alone.

My poor kids are toast, too.


I’m over sight words, worksheets, projects, papers, and parent-teacher conferences. This exhausted family is really looking forward to the lazy days of summer.

Even though another school year has finished, planning for my kids’ future never ends.

Planning for the future does not refer to printing out next year’s Back to School shopping list to get an early start on school supplies. When I say “planning for the future”, I’m referring to my kids’ college years.

As my son finishes first grade, college may seem years away yet, however, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the more aggressive investment mix for the younger student.  Although, for my high school student, her portfolio would be a more conservative investment mix since to take on less risk as she approaches the time when the portfolio will be drawn upon for her education.

As burnt out my kids feel about school (especially my oldest) planning college seems like a pipe dream. But what if my angst teenage artist chooses to backpack Europe and draw charcoal drawings in the streets of London?

Spiderman Sidewalk Art

If my oldest chooses road trips in Europe over a Rhodes scholarship, her Florida Prepaid College Plan can transfer to one of her siblings or we can withdraw the remaining balance.

No matter what, putting a Florida Prepaid College Plan into place needs to happen now. That’s why the Florida 529 Saving Plan makes a good place to start by helping families avoid debt by saving at their own pace for college expenses from tuition and fees to housing and books.  A family can contribute as much and as often as desired and accounts can be opened at any time.

There is no minimum contribution to open a Florida 529 Savings account and there are no application fees which makes the Florida 529 Savings Plan one of the most affordable means for families to save for college.

Just in time for May 29th, the Florida Prepaid College Foundation kicked off its annual scholarship program to celebrate 529 College Savings Day, awarding 10 winners a $529 Scholarship deposited into a Florida 529 Savings Plan account. The Florida 529 Savings Plan Scholarship Program is part of the Florida Prepaid College Foundation’s ongoing commitment to educating families about the many budget-friendly, flexible college savings options available through the Florida Prepaid College Board.

For a chance to win, Florida residents (18 & up) should visit and enter daily between May 15 and June 11 for a chance to win a $529 scholarship.

Are you feeling burned out by school but know you need to start planning for your kids’ college?

Will you enter the Florida 529 Savings Plan Scholarship Contest?

Florida Prepaid College Plan

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions, burned out feelings and Florida Prepaid College Plans or lack of planning are my own.