How to Use Your Running Time to Help You Get Your Online History Degree

Running offers an opportunity to clear my head. While I run a few solitary miles, I can solve the world’s problems. I make lists in my head and even brainstorm future blog posts. But lately during my runs, I’ve been entertaining the idea of going back to school.

Deep thoughts - Run DMT


Thanks to the wide availability of online master of arts in history degree programs from highly reputable colleges like Norwich University, those with a passion for history in general or a specific historical period can very easily turn their interest into a higher degree. A master’s degree in history can be something you do just out of love for the subject matter, to further a related career, or perhaps even as inspiration if you want to write a book set in another time!

Running and Studying

If you are splitting your energy between two passions, however, history and running, then the best strategy is to find a way to let them help each other. Going out for a run can certainly be a refreshing break from studying, allowing you to stretch your legs, get outdoors, and boost your mood.

However, it is also possible to use the time you spend running to study, and if you are preparing for a long-distance race and spending a lot of time on the road or trail, then then you have plenty of time when you could be both training and learning.

Listen to Related Materials

Distance running can be mentally quite boring at times, depending on your mood and whether you are pushing through a difficult run for training purposes rather than running normally for fun. Most runners find they need something to listen to, even for runs of 5k and music doesn’t always cut it.

A lot of  runners listen to podcasts or audio books, and this is where you can select listening materials that help you study. You can choose lectures or talks that are directly related to your course, or audio books that hold some information you can absorb and use in your course work. Your online MAH degree program may even have some suitable materials you can download and play as you run.

Set Some Questions to Mull Over as You Run

If you are the kind of runner who prefers getting lost in thought as you run to having to concentrate on what you are listening to, then a good approach can be to set yourself some course related ‘essay questions’ before you set out, and use your running time to come up with ways to answer them.

Your brain is active while you run and is being fed lots of good endorphins, so you may find that this is when you come up with some of your best ideas. You are also alone with few distractions and plenty of time to think, so you may find it easier to come up with good points for your course papers and exams as you train than when you are sitting at your desk trying to force them to come! If you are the forgetful sort, consider using a Dictaphone feature on your phone once you finish your run to note down the ideas you had.

Running and studying can complement each other really well, so why not try and use your time preparing for races to think about your history course?