More Back to School Photos

Although I was a little weepy the first day of school, we all survived the first week of back to school! The first week flew by, which will probably be a good indicator how things will go the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

Allana and Emmalynn like their classes and they are very excited about the school year.


In addition to all the fun experiences related to her senior year, Allana looks forward to developing her skills as an artist and writer as well continuing her art education.


Emmalynn looks forward to learning about forensic science and the field trips related to that subject. She also plans to refine her drawing skills with the help of  her 2-D art class and our little chef is excited to experience culinary arts this year.




Liam looks forward to learning lots of hands-on science and mastering multiplication this year.



It warms my heart to see my kids excited about learning and school. That alone makes it a great school year already!

Three-DeskHow did you first week back to school go? 

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