Chick in Chaos, Part 5

I think I started sobering up from my long weekend away with my girlfriends sometime on Wednesday.  It is safe to assume the weekend was completely wasted in more ways then one. 


Last Friday, Lori and I ran on the beach, but were easily distracted by the gorgeous seashells along the shore.  We would run a few steps then stop to grab a sand dollar or a conch.  Not the best run, but some really spectacular seashelling.


Since I drank myself into a stupor on Friday, there was not a snowball’s chance in hell I would be able to run on Saturday.  Late night binge drinking mixed with constant chitchatting makes a great sleep deprivation cocktail, but it’s a small price to pay when spending a fantastic time on the beach with your girlfriends.


As for the rest of this week, so far I have only managed one 3.5 mile run and not much other training.  I have spent most of the week sleeping and catching up on housework.  Even the ladies in my mommy group started to wonder about my absence from the Internet.  Plus, my DH is out of town which means I will be lucky to squeeze in some Sharon Mann time in the next couple of days.  I can only hope that this Sunday I will be back on track with my usual long Sunday run.


Next Saturday is the Chaotic Coteeman Triathlon and I am really worried about my performance since my training has taken a huge hit in the last week.  Fortunately, my friend, Leslie, lent me her bike. (It’s a real racing bike, which she won at the Babes and Bums Triathlon.  Hopefully, no old men will be passing me this time!)  Now, I just need to fit in an 11 mile bike ride some time before the race.  But before I even think about riding that thing, I need to buy a comfy seat.  I wouldn’t want to bruise my bodacious badunkadunk while training!

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