Chick in Chaos, Part 6

With great gusto, your favorite marathon mom regained her drive and motivation.  Since this chick is facing some serious chaos next week, it’s high time for some tough training. 


This morning, I arranged to meet my friends (Julie and Lori) at the pool, whose husbands are also out of town.  Julie registered for the triathlon last night, and now I have a training partner for the Chaotic CoteeMan Triathlon.  Lori agreed to watch the kids while Julie and I swam laps and we were so grateful for the opportunity to train for the triathlon. 


A desperate mom with a mission to get back into my training regiment, I decided to run to the pool with the kids.  I eagerly loaded the joggling stroller and strapped in Emmalynn.  Allana rode her bike along side of the stroller. 


During this little sprint to the pool, I remembered why I hate training with my children.  Pool toys and Emmalynn’s floatie continually catapulted out of the stroller while Allana straggled behind on her bike.  It was the most stressful ½ mile run of my short running career. 


When we finally made it to the pool, I swam 12 laps in 12 minutes.  After a couple of hours of hanging out with friends, Allan returned home from his business trip and met us at the pool.  He took the girls home so I could enjoy a peaceful one mile run home.


Some time next week, Julie and I will meet to bike and run to prepare for the race.  With Chaotic CoteeMan, the 150 meter swim is the first leg, followed by an 11 mile bike ride and then the 5K run, but Julie and I are both worried about running after biking.  To prepare for the race, we will try biking a few miles and then running a few miles to see how our legs handle the strain. 


If I can pass old men and not fall off the bike at the end, then I will be pleased with my progress.


  1. Lori says:

    We had fun swimming with you guys even with the little girls and pool toys floating into the lap area. I am glad you guys got a good workout. Good luck on your long run tomorrow. I will be thinking of you as we drive to Disney. Remember no whining.LOL

  2. Emma says:

    I am so glad to hear another mom comment on how frustrating it is to workout with young ones. And I love that I’m not the only mom-athlete in training who gauges progress by passing old men. Good luck on your training!

  3. dwyatt64 says:

    Hi Denise, other Denise here (friend of Kim, fitatfortyplus). Loved reading about your girls’ weekend. Just survived a drinking night myself Friday, and boy I can tell I’m not 20 anymore! On your training for the triathlon, take some advice from my Ironman hubby. The night before the race, do a quick run or bike, stretch out really well, and then sit in an ice bath (you read that right) for 5-10 minutes. Limber muscles the next day. Popping Aleve doesn’t hurt. Good luck!

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