Sunday Running Log, #8

Sunday morning, I awoke with such a spring in my step.  I literally raced to meet Lori for our weekly long Sunday run.  Lori later told me that she didn’t recognize me from the distance because the person she saw was running too fast to be me.  My Garmin clocked my speed at 7 ½ minute miles, but I believe I used up all my energy in that half mile sprint to meet Lori.


Lori set her Sunday goal for 6 miles and I needed to run 10, however, about mile 2, I felt so sluggish.  I didn’t think I could make my 10 mile goal.  When Lori finished her 6 miles, she made me promise that I would finish my 10 mile run.  By blogging this, Lori and the rest of the blogosphere now knows that I did indeed complete 10.11 miles even though in took me almost 2 hours.  Oh well.  Hopefully, I will have a better run next Sunday.    


This week, I will continue to run 4 days, which also includes my 10 K run for the Race for the Cure on Saturday.  Since I am considering competing in another triathlon, I may throw a short run and bike into the mix this week.