Sunday Running Log #16

As you probably noticed from my lack of running posts, it’s been almost two weeks of rest since my Big 20 Sunday run.  But after my long rest from running, I was ready to face a good long Sunday run again today. 


I attempted to run during our North Carolina trip, but running up a mountain is as scary difficult as it sounds.  Afraid that I would slip of the slide of a cliff and fall into the abyss, I regrettably attempted only one 3 mile run while on our holiday, because mountain training is great training for the Disney Marathon kicked my ass.  My quads were killing me and my average pace was about 15 minute miles.  But, it was over a week since my 20 mile run and it felt good to run again.  It was a good kind of pain.  


While running in the mountains, I truly appreciated the breathtaking 4000 foot high view, which was completely opposite from my usual flat Florida runs.  Plus, I was also forced to appreciate the sounds of nature while running since I forgot my iPod shuffle.  I believe I heard elk mating, and not a sound I particularly want to hear again, but I enjoyed following the sounds of a trickling stream along my path.


One peculiar sign forced me to detour, though.  Other than a tripe soup, I still haven’t been able to figure what a modongo is, however, if I ever meet one, I don’t think I would ever back up slowly but rather run for my life for fear that I may be hit with hot tripe soup or attacked by some Chubacabra-like creature.




On our return car ride to Florida, Tiffany sent me an e-mail forcing urging me to commit to our training.  “Hal says we only have to do 8 miles”, her e-mail cleverly tried to manipulate motivate me to run with her on Sunday.


So, at 6:00 a.m. this morning, Tiffany and I met for our usual and back on track long Sunday run.  It felt good to be back in our routine.  Wish I could say the same for my 8 mile run!  Now that was a sad state!


Although this week is supposed to be a light training week to prepare for the marathon, I really feel like I owe it to myself to get at least another long run in before Sunday.  I have had a two week rest with the holidays and my body is craving the training again.  I would really like to attempt another long run (10-12 miles on Tuesday morning) and then two shorter runs (3 miles) on Wednesday and Thursday and resting on Friday.  Saturday is the Disney Half marathon, which Lori and I will run together and on Sunday, Tiffany and I face the Disney Marathon.


A year has passed since my running partners and I decided to commit to this endeavor.  It’s been a long year of training to prepare for this race and I know I am ready.  I’m trilled and excited to be part of it, but a nervous wreck at the same time! 


Please say and prayer for me and my friends that we stay healthy and injury free.  I doubt I’ll be able to sleep at all this week, but please send some rest vibes my way, too. 


Thanks for all your support!



  1. becelisa says:

    you’re going to do great! it sounds like you’re ready physically and mentally. somehow i doubt we’ll see each other out there in the crowd of 29,000 runners so good luck!

  2. lindsay says:

    a long run tomorrow? and *then* run the goofy? i think you spent a little too much time in the mountains… 😉 i’m with you on the nerves and excitement, i just hope i don’t keel over on sunday!

    you’re gonna do great – you’ve trained long and hard for this!

  3. Rick says:

    Hey! I found your blog, and I like it! Good luck with your runs. I’m looking forward to seeing how well you do. Am I reading correctly? Are you doing a half marathon, followed the next day by a marathon??

  4. Run DMT says:

    @ Becelisa- Let’s try to meet up again.

    @MATE- No excuses! Get moving!

    @Lindsay- Um yeah….about running this week…um well….I’m saving it for the race. 😉 Good luck to you too!

    @Rick- Thanks for visiting! Yes, I am insane and running in both races.

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