Five Minutes for Fitness: Hot Diggity Dog!

With the Disney Marathon right around the corner, I thought I would bring back an episode of Five Minutes for Fitness with a Mickey Mouse treat.  This video montage of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s Hot Dog Song will surely start your new year with a little spring in your step.


When the girls watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I love to dance in front of the T.V and copy the silly steps of the characters.  My kids roll with laughter at how ridiculous I look, but at least I’m moving and grooving with the help of the Mickey and the gang!


Pluto pumps out a set of push-ups.  Minnie incorporates resistance into her upper body movement.  Daisy, Donald and Mickey offer moves that work the core.  But, I particularly like Goofy’s style, because he attempts a whole body approach with his fancy footwork.  I think I may even finish my marathon (the unofficial Goofy Challenge) with Goofy’s dance.


So, pick a character and learn the dance steps.  Once the songs ends, play it again and follow the dance moves of another character.  Have fun with it, but remember to bring the kids in on the fun, too!



  1. Boston Gym says:

    What a great idea!

    I loved your explanation of each characters fitness routine. This is definitely a great way to incorporate some fitness into your hectic daily schedule. Fitness is so important today for everyone. It’s a new year and it’s time to start living healthy, happy lifestyles.


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