So, This is What Goofy Feels Like Then?

Although this week is intended to be a “rest week” with short runs according to my BFF Hal, my training has been next to obsolete, but filled with lots of rest.  At least, Hal would approve.


For about a week, I have had this dizzy, light-headed, drunk feeling.  At first, I thought the thin N.C. mountain air was getting to me, but the sensation never ceased when we returned home to Florida. 


Sunday, I attempted an 8 mile run, which was a sad attempt for sure!  Then, I had all good intentions to try to run on Tuesday with hopes that the dizziness would be gone, but no such luck.  So, instead of running, I visited the doctor.  The good and bad news is that I have fluid in my ear, which thankfully, will drain on its own, but I have fluid in my ear!  I am still dizzy!  UGH!!!


Worried that my lack of running would affect my performance this weekend, I decided to quit whining about being dizzy get a grip on myself stand my ground (so to speak) and just run.  I ran 6 miles this morning at a 9:56 minute mile pace and it felt good.  I didn’t feel tired, strained or faint from the dizziness.


My 6 mile run gave me the little extra confidence I needed to face this weekend.  I feel ready.


On side note, I became overwhelmed with emotion during my warm-up. I thought to myself: This is it.  Race day is almost here.  I’ve trained a year for this event and it’s two days away.  Wow.


Not the most profound thoughts, but very emotional nonetheless.  My thoughts hit me like a tidal wave and my eyes filled with tears. 


I have achieved a goal that others only dream about.


(Oh yeah, you read that correctly.  I indeed broke all grammar rules and ended my sentence with a preposition.  When your lazy ass runs a marathon, then I will happily revise my grammar.)


  1. Chloe says:

    You’ll do awesome! There is nothing holding you back now!!

    I watched Spirit of the Marathon the other day while on my bike trainer to get pumped up – and I was in tears at the end. Yes, I was crying on my bike. Watching a documentry. Hmmm. So I’m sure I’ll be a mess on Sunday as well 🙂

  2. Maris says:

    Hi! I found your blog from Tanya at the Hungry Housewife. Your running is awesome – I’ve been trying to get in gear to train for a race or two and hope to this spring. The most I’ve ever ran at once is 6 miles but I think I could do it 🙂

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