So, This is What Goofy Feels Like Then?

Although this week is intended to be a “rest week” with short runs according to my BFF Hal, my training has been next to obsolete, but filled with lots of rest.  At least, Hal would approve.


For about a week, I have had this dizzy, light-headed, drunk feeling.  At first, I thought the thin N.C. mountain air was getting to me, but the sensation never ceased when we returned home to Florida. 


Sunday, I attempted an 8 mile run, which was a sad attempt for sure!  Then, I had all good intentions to try to run on Tuesday with hopes that the dizziness would be gone, but no such luck.  So, instead of running, I visited the doctor.  The good and bad news is that I have fluid in my ear, which thankfully, will drain on its own, but I have fluid in my ear!  I am still dizzy!  UGH!!!


Worried that my lack of running would affect my performance this weekend, I decided to quit whining about being dizzy get a grip on myself stand my ground (so to speak) and just run.  I ran 6 miles this morning at a 9:56 minute mile pace and it felt good.  I didn’t feel tired, strained or faint from the dizziness.


My 6 mile run gave me the little extra confidence I needed to face this weekend.  I feel ready.


On side note, I became overwhelmed with emotion during my warm-up. I thought to myself: This is it.  Race day is almost here.  I’ve trained a year for this event and it’s two days away.  Wow.


Not the most profound thoughts, but very emotional nonetheless.  My thoughts hit me like a tidal wave and my eyes filled with tears. 


I have achieved a goal that others only dream about.


(Oh yeah, you read that correctly.  I indeed broke all grammar rules and ended my sentence with a preposition.  When your lazy ass runs a marathon, then I will happily revise my grammar.)


  1. Chloe says:

    You’ll do awesome! There is nothing holding you back now!!

    I watched Spirit of the Marathon the other day while on my bike trainer to get pumped up – and I was in tears at the end. Yes, I was crying on my bike. Watching a documentry. Hmmm. So I’m sure I’ll be a mess on Sunday as well 🙂

  2. lindsay says:

    oh no! hope it clears up in time for the weekend, or at least enough to not give you any trouble. it is definitely hard to believe it’s finally here! we registered soooo long ago!

  3. Kathleen Graham says:

    Good luck Denise. You’ll do great. All of the training will pay off and you’ll achieve this wonderful goal. Go get ’em girl!

  4. Maris says:

    Hi! I found your blog from Tanya at the Hungry Housewife. Your running is awesome – I’ve been trying to get in gear to train for a race or two and hope to this spring. The most I’ve ever ran at once is 6 miles but I think I could do it 🙂

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