Waisting Away Again in Margaritaville

My bags are packed and I’m ready for the beach.  I’ve got a towel, sunblock, my cute little sundresses and my very teeny bikini. 


For me, long days spent on the beach brings lots of beer drinking, which leads to a big ‘ol beer belly bulging over my itty bitty bikini bottom.  Well, that simply won’t do!  So, do I cut back on the beer while at the beach?  *gasp* Heck no!  Instead, I found a way to keep my girlish good-looks without giving up the beer. 


For this week’s Five Minutes for Fitness, I present to you Fitness Beach: The Abs Work-out.  I can do some crunches while reaching for my beer.  I’ll drink to that!


See, you really can find time for fitness.




  1. Chloe says:

    Ha! LOVE the suits! What would make this video REALLY awesome is if they had drinks in their hands 🙂

    On the beach – beer just does not mix well with me. So I came up with this:

    “Hey Chloe – what’s in your IMFL waterbottle?”
    Me: “Wine. Duh!”

    Have fun on your vaca!!!

  2. Run DMT says:

    @Chloe- LOL

    I can do sangria on the beach, but wine doesn’t do well in the sun for me. If I want to drink margaritas, I have to start with one and then drink beer or I am a mess in the morning. I can’t drink beer, then margaritas, and more beer. The mixing doesn’t mix very well with me. And honestly, I can’t drink to many of them or I’ll end up flat on my face.

    And what’s really bizarre for me, I can drink Corona light (with a lime, of course) all day on the beach and not “feel” buzzed. I guess I sweat it all out or something. I’m sure there’s some scientific WebMD explanation of it all somewhere.

    • Heather says:

      Have fun at the beach! I am green with envy over those who have mountains and forests, yet I forget how lucky I am to live here! Not only do we have the beach, but an actual Margaritaville too, haha! Enjoy those beach runs and the corona’s, they are carbs afterall, they will give you energy 🙂

  3. RunningBetty says:

    I was totally expecting them to have beers in the sand next to the girls in the video based on your post. Gosh, I’m naive. Looking into that code thing now. Enjoy your Sunday.

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