Steady as She Goes

With a little over 3 weeks left until the Women’s Half Marathon, I have been showing some steady improvement. 

10/20 Tuesday

4.70 miles

Time 47:25

Ave Pace 10:05


10/21 Wednesday

4 miles


Ave Pace 10:01


10/22 Thursday

3 miles


Ave Pace 9:30

Then last Friday, running at 10 a.m. in the blazing sun seemed like a good idea.  Can you believe we are still hitting highs in the upper 80s here?!  But like I told my virtual running partner, Lori, you have to train in all kinds of weather (rain, wind, cold, heat, etc.) because you just never know what weather to expect on race day.  Nonetheless, training in the heat forced me to walk more during my run.

10/23 Friday

5.01 miles


Ave Pace 10:35

On Saturday, Tiffany finally hit double-digits again.  It’s been a long road getting back to ten miles, but it felt so good to reach that distance once more. 

10 miles

Time 1:50:52

Ave Pace 11:05


But like I said, I’m slowly improving and I’m moving at a steady pace under 9mm.  Although my walking water breaks throw off my times numbers, when I get moving again I’m clocking under 8:00-8:30 mm.

10/26 Monday

5.01 miles

Time 47:57

Ave Pace 9:32


This week, Tiffany and I will try our hand at another set of speed drills.  Then, according to our virtual coach, Hal recommends a 15K race so we’ll try to run 9 miles at pace some time this weekend. 

Even though I didn’t schedule a race this weekend, quite a few Striders are running in the Inaugural Halloween Half Marathon this Saturday and Larisa keeps harassing me to run with her.  With a little more planning and foresight, I would have loved to join my fellow Striders, but then my Halloween weekend is already full of tricks and treats.  I honestly don’t know if I could have squeezed in a race, but it would have been fun to get one more wear out of my Lady Gaga costume!  Although I can’t imagine running with all that hair sticking to me and my sweat causing my lovely blue lightning bolt to streak down my face.  That would not be a pretty sight.  Besides, does Lady Gaga even wear running shoes?


  1. Chari says:

    Good for you!!

    I have totally bombed out of my half training!! I have not felt like running at all. I’ve never been burned out from running 🙁 I just weaned Ethan and I think the hormone changes are because of it. I need to refocus…

  2. lindsay says:

    nice job on the running lately! i definitely couldn’t handle 80+ temps still. i love the summer, but i need a bit of reprieve (like 50’s… no need for the 30’s!) i saw your next post about the pumpkin patch and i thought “why are the girls wearing summer clothes?” for a second and then remembered oh yeah, florida. 🙂 have a great halloween weekend!

    • Run DMT says:

      Yes, it is still soooooooo hot here, but we are having record highs for this time of year even for Florida. I took the girls to the park today and the humidity was RIDICULOUS! Halloween is going to be wicked hot. 😛

  3. Tiffany says:

    It is amazing how much the heat will really slow you down. You are doing so great. I am really proud of you. (On a side note, since we do live in Florida, at least our kids’ Halloween costumes will never be hidden under heavy jackets).

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