Going for Gasparilla

Late last Saturday evening, I bit the bullet and registered for the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K.  Since I’ve been feeling pretty good and my bladder is still holding stong, I feel capable to run a 5K.  So why not go for the Gasparilla gold?  After all that little bit of runner bling will look so lovely resting on my big ol’ baby bump.


The weather has been ridiculously frigid by Florida standards since December which makes it awfully difficult for me to find any motivation to run.  We’ve also had a really wet winter and I hate running in the rain.  Plus, since becoming pregnant, my sleep pattern has been so out of whack that I can’t seem to summon the energy to run in the early morning (my favorite time of day).  So, all of these stupid excuses seem to get in the way of any running, but I needed to find some room for running with a race only weeks away.


For the past month, I’ve maintained my training with wogging (jogging/walking).  I’ve kept my pace around 11:00-11:30 mm and remarkably throughout my little wogs around the neighborhood, I haven’t had a constant urge to pee, which is pretty amazing for a running pregnant mama.  But since I never know when an unsuspecting cough or sneeze will strike, I think I will start wearing a panty liner to avoid wet wogs just to be safe.


On Tuesday, the sun was shining. Our temps began to warm up to normal highs for this time of year and the sun greeted me like an old friend.  With every step, I soaked up the sun’s rays and I found my mojo once again.

3.10 miles

Time 35:17

Ave Pace 11:22

Max Pace 8:23


Then, on Wednesday our temps dropped again and the rain returned, but an e-mail from Tiffany, my running partner, later that evening coerced me to run in the cold early morning on Thursday.

3.18 miles

Time 41:50

Ave Pace 13:11

Max Pace 9:29


I feel confident that I will wog my way to the finish in about 40 minutes and hopefully, I can keep my race adrenaline from forcing me to run too fast for my bladder’s sake.


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