Some Wine With My Whine, Please

It’s the best word to describe my mood lately.  With constant lower back pain and a numbing sensation in my legs due to Run DMT Baby #3 sitting on my sciatica, it seems my wogging days are over when even walking hurts.  Incidentally, sciatica pain is also the excuse I use for my lack of housework.


An ice pack, swimming and prenatal exercises help alleviate some of the pain.  Besides those pain relievers, I know exactly what would make me feel so much better.  A big glass of red wine Self medicating would definitely put me in a better mood, but I’m at least ten weeks away from sipping a Syrah.  *sigh*


For this pregnancy, I’m carrying as low as I did with my first and almost as large too.  According to my friends and family, I’m “all belly” which is so bizarre as I carried all around huge for my other two pregnancies.  But like my mom will tell you, that old Italian wives’ tale is true.  Girls steal your looks.


Strangers have the funniest reaction when they see the size of my belly.  They’ll ask when I’m due which is usually followed up by an “Oh” paired with painful look of sympathy.  Not exactly the pairing I’m longing for these days.


So, according to close reliable sources (my sister and my husband), I look beautiful with my big baby bump and thin face radiating a healthy pregnancy glow, but I can’t help but think of an old SNL sketch with Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamas.  It is much better to look good than to feel good.


However, I can only agree with that statement while lying on my side with an ice pack…dreaming of chilled Chardonnay.



  1. Thom says:

    May the force be with you 🙂 LOL Gosh and I’m not evn a trekkie or whatever they call it. I just wanted to say that 🙂

  2. teax2 says:

    May the force be with you is from Star Wars, not Star Trek -_- I´m kind of feeling geeky for saying that.

    I go to a fitness studio and I´m the kid in the class–the others are middle-aged women and they could probably kick my ***. The trainer made us run around the block twice today for warmups and ahead of me was a friend who I babysat for a few times. My thought was, as I struggled to keep running, “After two babies she can cardio better than someone 10 years younger.” I have no idea why us women make such a big fuss about our looks or weight as we get older/have babies xD

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