Juneathon 2011, Day 1

PhotobucketSomehow I got roped into joining the Juneathon again, which means I have to run or do something every day during the month of June and blog about it.  With today being National Running Day and Day 1 of the Juneathon, I simply had to run.


Every Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m., Suncoast Running hosts a 4-6 mile group run.  Since I thoroughly enjoyed my Memorial Day group run, I decided to give Suncoast Running’s Wednesday morning group run a shot.  Of course, every week I tell Tracey I’m going to be there and never show up, so you can imagine her surprise when I actually did show up.  It’s just really hard to commit to anything with Little Lion Man’s unpredictable night time sleeping pattern.  But I was there today and that’s all that matters!  And it was a great little National Running Day run too!

4 miles

Time 40:50

Ave Pace 10:13

Max 8:30



  1. kimert says:

    Good for you!! I did my national running day run…but skipped the humidity and heat and opted for the treadmill. Enjoy your active June!!

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