I’m Bringing Sexy Back

Despite our beach trip getting rained out and not finding a room at the Don Cesar (the pink castle), I still had a FABULOUS birthday week.  Thank you for all the lovely, sweet birthday wishes!


This Saturday, Allan and I are throwing birthday party in my honor and I cannot wait!  I’m looking forward to letting my hair down, laughing over drinks, dancing and acting silly with my friends.  I feel like I haven’t seen my friends in ages!


For the party, I will be wearing a sexy little number I picked up at White House Black Market a few weeks ago.   I don’t mean to brag…well, all right maybe I do mean to brag…but this dress looks seriously smoking on me.  You know you’re looking fine when the sales associate says, “Girl, that’s HOT!”  Sold!



With all the hours spent running my ass off and this little black dress, I’m bringing sexy back just in time for my birthday party.




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  1. xmasdolly says:

    Now you’re definitely going to take pics in that sexy lil’ number aren’t you? Don’t make me come over there now! ~snicker~ Love the video. You bring sexy back for sure! Your hubby is going to go bonkers when he sees you. I wish I can wear something like that. Oh well, maybe this diet I’m on I’m hoping it’ll work, and I’m even exercising as I can. Water aerobics I can do with ease it’s on land it’s very difficult. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN GIRLFRIEND! Hope you can take pics of your cool party! Dance one up for me, and have a shot or two for me too! lol HUGSSSSSSSS You go mama!!!! GET DOWN! YOU SO ROCK!~ YOU KNOW YOU’RE READY! WOO HOO!

  2. Tom says:

    WHOA! I’ve never heard this one before, and that is a very beautiful dress. I’m sure you’ll look stunning in it. Your husband is a very lucky man. Have a great party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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