Random Thoughts about being Secretive and Sweaty

At breakfast this morning, my girls accused me of doing “secretive things” while they are at school.  Yep, that’s me.  I’m so secretive.  I like to keep things on the down low.  I suppose this means I should start sweeping up the confetti before they get home.

Today, we spent the afternoon at the Glazer Children’s Museum with our cousins.  What a fun place!  I’m going to write a full review tomorrow for Not-So-Wednesday, so stay tuned for that.  While we were there today with the kids, I purchased an annual family pass as a belated birthday present for Emmalynn and Liam.  I’ll be using that pass o’plenty while the girls are in school.  Hmm…I guess it would appear that I do secretive things while the girls are in school.  Guilty as charged!

Last week, I registered for the All Out Running 5K and now I’m nervous about that race because of the heat.  When it’s not raining, it has been absolutely scorching during my morning runs.  To combat the heat, I’m planning my training route through my neighbors’ sprinklers.  I need to cool off somehow because it’s been hotter than hell.  In fact, it’s so hot (How hot is it?)…It’s so hot that I think I passed Satan spritzing himself with a misting fan during my run this morning.

Also during my morning run, I passed another runner who had stopped to do some elevated pushups.  His enthusiasm in the heat impressed me and I thought to myself, “You go, Boy!”  I was just trying to stay on my feet to finish my 4 miles.  If I hit the ground, I probably wouldn’t be able to get back up to finish the run.  But kudos to him for going the extra mile!

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Rocky passed me and said, “You go, girl!”  That just made me smile and put an extra pep in my step as I paced for the next mile behind him.  The sprinklers and my running partner, Rocky, made the heat a bit more bearable.

4 Miles

Time 42:37

Ave Pace 10:40

Max Pace 8:23

*Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*