Random Thoughts About My Juiceful Butt and the Runs

Having a juiceful butt is my curse.  Or maybe it’s my superpower which is everyone else’s kryptonite because no one can resist it.  Sometimes in certain pants, my butt is just out there more and it draws people in like moths to a light.  Inevitably, someone will smack my ass and say, “I just couldn’t help myself.  It was just right there…in front of me.”  I know…I know. *sigh*

However, I don’t think my butt will hold up to all these random ass-smacks much longer and I’m scared.  I need to insure my juiceful butt like J-Lo did.  It’s my only commodity and I believe it needs proper coverage of damage besides panties.

I survived the Frankenfooter Half Marathon and I won Best Costume, but I’ll have a full race recap later this week.

I am suffering from serious Halloween Hangover from all the candy I can’t stop eating.  Major sugar crash!  Then, the day after Halloween was Allana’s 10th birthday and we had family over for dinner and cake to celebrate.  Then, over the weekend, we went to Orlando.  With the time change, Halloween hoopla and birthday hullabaloo and time change, I feel so run down.  I’m exhausted.

While walking around Universal Studios on Saturday, I pulled a hamstring and groin muscle from constantly chasing and lifting my 15 month old.  It was equivalent to doing 25 pound squats and lifts all day long.  I was in so much pain on Sunday.

After my 19 mile run last Friday, my legs were sore but nothing hurt like they hurt on Sunday.  I doubt it was delayed on-set pain from running because it was too specific to how I was lifting Liam.  He is one heavy little man!

As I just mentioned, I ran 19 miles on Friday.  With our Orlando trip over the weekend, I knew I wouldn’t have time to fit it in over the weekend.  So, I woke up at 3:30 a.m. Friday morning to run 19 miles.  I begged my running friends to join me for any number of miles to break up the long, lonely miles.  Only one friend, Sarah, ran 2 miles with me and it was a very soggy, wet 2 miles.  But at least I had company!  There’s nothing worse than being soggy and lonely.

Yes, it rained for most of my 19 miles and it totally sucked because I checked the forecast before I left the house.  I started using Weather Underground because the forecasts on Weather.com have been so inaccurate and off.  Well, based on Friday’s experience, it appears that Weather Underground is not any more accurate.  The forecast said, “0% precipitation, 0 mph winds”, but it was more like 100% precipitation and 6 mph winds.  Those underground bastards lied. Now I know why they’re “underground”. They’ve pissed too many people off with their wrong forecasts. Stay in your hole, you fibbing forecasters!

It started raining around mile 6 and I forced myself to keep going.  It totally sucked, but I did it.  (Have I mentioned that I hate running in the rain?)  Then, around mile 16, my Garmin died so I had to guesstimate the rest of the way.  I went a tad bit over in miles but I still finished in about 4 hours, which is what I was aiming for this distance. So even though I was miserable in the rain, I was pretty pleased with the results.


20.74 miles

Time  4:00

Ave Pace 11:35

Max Pace 8:47

Honestly, I was a little nervous about my 19 miles, but it nothing to do with rain, storm drain clowns or running in the dark.  After my 17 miles a few weeks ago, my knees swelled during our adult Halloween party, which has never happened after a long run.  However, after that particular run, I took a nap to survive a late night and I think my body went into shock, because I never rest after a long run.  Typically, I don’t have that luxury.  Whenever I return home from a long run, I’m usually chasing after my kids, doing housework or running out the door for some family fun.  There’s never any resting!  My swollen knees were a warning from my body to keep moving next time.

So after my 19 to almost 21 miles, I didn’t rest.  Actually, I couldn’t rest.  I had to be at my kids’ school for an award ceremony.  I had barely enough time to shower and get dressed before I bolted out the door.  Once at the award ceremony, I stretched the entire time.  I’m sure I looked strange to the other parents, but I didn’t care, because it made my legs and knees happy.

But I wonder if anyone thought about smacking my ass while they saw me stretch.  I need to be more careful.

More runs


4 miles

Time 43:48

Ave Pace 10:58

Max Pace



13.1 miles (Frankenfooter Half Marathon)

Time 2:21:39

Ave Pace 10:47

Max Pace 7:44



3.35 miles (I also threw in a quarter mile sprint.)

Total 33:04

Ave Pace 9:52

Max Pace 7:05

0.25 mile sprint, Ave Pace 8:12, Max Pace 7:05



8 miles

Ave Pace 10:38

Max Pace 00:08 <– That’s some serious sprinting!  I was flash of light!


*Proudly submitted to Stacy Uncorked, because when I blog about my training, it’s usually pretty random.*



  1. Elle says:

    Awesome job on the running! I don’t have that particular butt issue. Good thing because I’d have to smack anyone that smacked me. I’m a stay out of my personal space kind of girl.

  2. Stacy Uncorked says:

    You ROCK with the running! I could never run 100 feet let alone 19 miles and 4 hours – I bow to your greatness and dedication. 😉

    I vacillate between Weather Underground and Weather.com – and figure that the actual weather is somewhere between the two. 😉

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