Food, Glorious Food!

Ten days after my wisdom teeth were extracted, I’m still experiencing pain because my bottom left steenky hole is giving me trouble.  I can control the pain with 800 mg ibuprofen, but sometimes at night the pain is so intense, I need to take vicodin.

Besides the pain, I’m still on a soft foods diet which is so annoying and almost as painful.  Even soft foods like toast, oatmeal or bananas get trapped in my steeky holes which causes me pain and then I’d rather not eat it.  So, that leaves me slurping up soup and wishing for chicken wings.

Speaking of chicken wings and other deliciousness, I’ve been torturing myself with food porn on Pinterest.  When I first created my recipe board, it was titled, “Eat, Drink and be Merry”, but when I was laid up in bed due to my wisdom teeth, I decided to change the name to Food, Glorious Food.  Everything I came across looked so good.  I can’t wait to be off this soft diet to sink my teeth into those dishes.  It’s sad how much I miss real food and beer.

But now think I should change my Pinterest recipe board title to “Food Porn”, due to the primeval sounds I make looking at each photo and recipe.   “Ooooooo.  Oh wow. What I could do with that.”

So thanks to my stinky holes, I’m a bit impotent in the kitchen these days, but once these pits heal, I’ll be doing the dirty deed again.   For now, I’ll just keep drooling over my Pinterest food porn and all the food, glorious food.


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  1. allstarme says:

    Um, I totally love that you referenced Ren and Stimpy in the wisdom tooth post! And you are very lucky not to get dry socket. I had it with each if my wisdom teeth, which I had pulled at 4 separate times! Awful!

  2. Kate says:

    Ummm…..I think Food Porn is FABULOUS! Hope your mouth feels better soon. I hear about so many getting their wisdom teeth pulled as adults and I’m so glad I had mine out in 11th grade so now it’s over and done with!

  3. cooper says:

    Stealing my Friday Food Porn series, eh? Good for you. What good is blogging without borrowing. Sorry thr extractions are giving you such a hassle…this too will pass, tho i’m sure it doesn’t feel that way…

  4. xmasdolly says:

    Oh you poor thing. If there’s anything worse than a belly ache it’s anything to do with teeth! Well I have to go on a strict diet as of today. I’m containing water BIG TIME & doc says so not good. So NO SALT and I have to read everything I eat. I’m going to be at the store forever. Great choice considering the circumstances. You go girl!

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