Juneathon 2012 – Day 6 and National Running Day

I enjoyed National Running Day with a 3.1 mil run and a 150 yards swim.  What did you do?

I wish I would have planned my training better this week so I could do a longer run for National Running Day, like 6 miles on June 6.  Get it? 6 on 6/6?  Now that’s clever.

But I wasn’t that organized or perhaps I was too organized by sticking to my training plan.

M – 3.1 mile run/150 yards swim

T – Speedwork

W – 3.1 mile run/150 yards

Th – Easy 4 miles

F – 5K (for time)

Saturday – 5K (for fun with my kids)

It’s actually a good thing that I did another run/swim today because my swim improved.  I did 6 laps in 7 minutes!  Not too shabby!  I’m getting there!

3.1 miles

Time 30:32

Ave Pace 9:51

Max Pace 

Swim – 150 yards – 7:00

It’s such a curse to be so dedicated and organized.

Actually, I’m not that organized because I just realized during my run this morning (the very same run that I had to Juneathon dude logoverify on Map My Run beforehand because my Garmin had very little juice and I was afraid it would die during the run and I wanted to make sure I would run the right distance) that I forgot to add my runs to RunningFree.  So here, I’ve been bragging about blogging every day and doing so well for the Juneathon, but I’ve been forgetting to add them to the RunningFree. Ugh!

Suncoast Running started hosting Wednesday night evening runs. I thought about joining them this evening, but I thought I would be exhausted after a day at the beach and another reason why I decided to do my run/swim thing in the morning.

Remember how I said I couldn’t wait to be on the beach and how we hadn’t made it yet.  Well, we still didn’t make it.  The weather was so ugly this morning with dark skies and I was afraid of lightning spoiling our fun.   So, we’ve still not made the beach and it doesn’t seem that the weather will be any better over the next few days. *sigh*

At least the weather has been cooperating for my morning runs.  *Knock on wood.*

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+

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  1. Panama says:

    So are you tired of my talking about marathon training yet? And I haven’t even started! But it’s my blog and that’s what I’ll be up to until the end of September, so you’ll just have to deal with it. Just kidding, I just hope not to bore you to death. Oh, and I’ve updated my training plan to better mesh with my long run gals’ marathon training plans, the races that I’m participating in from now until the marathon, and the fact that I don’t feel ready to do a 20-miler four weeks into the plan. If you’re interested, there is a tab at the top of this page where I’ve posted my plan. I’m hoping it will help me stay accountable! I had planned on running today, but my calves are feeling really sore after our eleven miles on the treadmill on Sunday. I also had a very busy night at work that night where I must have walked an additional few miles (should wear a pedometer)! I decided to take an additional rest day and run tomorrow which just happens to be National Running Day. You may have seen the latest blog award being passed around, the One Lovely Blog Award.

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