Juneathon 2012 – Day 9

I knew my good Juneathon journaling days would be short-lived.  Yep, I jinxed my Juneathon.

Yesterday, I didn’t run in the morning so I could conserve my energy for the Oldsmar 5K that evening, which seemed like a good idea.  But then, the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in.

It was ugly.  The skies were gray with sporadic flashes of lightning which lit up the rain drops like Christmas lights. Then ten minutes before the start, the race officials canceled the race due to inclement weather. Oh thank God!

And with that, we all began the beer run portion of the race. Will run for beer, but not if it’s lightning.  But now how was I going to achieve my Juneathon goal of doing something, anything every day?

Does running back and forth in the rain, jumping over puddles, running up and down the steps of the House of Brews  to bring beer and food to my hubby and friends count? 

Today, I ran the Rap River Run 5K with my ten year old and then I ran the one mile with my 6 year old.  I’ll have a full
race report with photos and everything shortly.  I’m just too tired to do that just yet.  This is simply a quick Juneathon journal entry to log my efforts or lack of.

So stay tuned for two… wait no.  Make that one and a half race reports coming up soon.

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