How I Became an Absent-Minded Stalker at BlogHer ’12

I know everything that can be said about BlogHer has already been said, but it hasn’t been said by me yet and that’s all that matters really.

Prior to going to BlogHer, I read all the advice posts, like “Wear comfortable shoes” and “Bring business cards”.  Well, at least I remembered to wear comfortable shoes.  Unfortunately, I left my business cards on my desk back home and forgot to pack them.  I did, however, pack four different outfits and as many accessories because I wasn’t sure what I would wear to the conference or to Stiletto Media’s Kick Off Your Heels Pre BlogHer Party.

BlogHer is bigger than anything you’ve read.  The conference is ginormous with flocks of bloggers everywhere.  I only went for one day and really regretted not attending two days.  One day is simply not enough time to experience it all.  Besides learning a bountiful of information, I needed at least one day for the two and half story expo hall and the vendor suites upstairs.

The samples, chachkas and coupons from the expo hall were fabulous, but networking and meeting others made the conference for me.  Mama Kat attended the same branding workshop as me and once I realized it was her, I had to introduce myself.  Upon meeting her in person, I became completely star struck and like a fool I said, “Wow. You’re so tall!”

To which she replied, “No, you’re tiny.”

“I mean it with admiration. You’re like model height.”  I’m sure I sounded like a stalker because I know I looked and sounded like a fool, but I was meeting Mama Kat and I just adore her.  There she was in the same workshop as me, which just goes to show you, even the big bloggers you admire still have room to grow learn.

It always throws me for a loop when I see these people outside of a box and in real life.  When bloggers are not inside my monitor, it makes it hard for me to recognize them.  It’s like a Clark Kent/Superman moment for me.  Next blogger conference, I’m carrying a cardboard box around with me, so when people say, “Denise!” and I give that look like, “Do I know you?” I’ll place the box over their heads and of course, I will instantly remember them.

Or instead, I can read everyone’s badge when they approach me, like I did to Stacy Uncorked when I bumped into her and Elle of Blue Monkey Butt in the Hot Wheels suite.

Of course, when I realized it was her, I gave her a huge hug and she gave me some of her famous wine in return.  (The sangria was delicious! Photos to follow soon.)

I also had to read this poor blogger’s badge.  Perhaps you can her recognize faster than I did.

Mariana from The Domestic Buzz (formerly Riding with No Hands and another blogger I simply adore) and I crossed paths at the Wal-Mart and Hershey’s Camp Bondfire.

Besides meeting all my blogging buddies I’ve been following for years, I met some new friends like Heiddi Zalamar, Eileen of Mommy Teaches, Liz of Cuddles and Rage, Sherry of City Chic on a Farm, Anne of A Party Style, Annie of Peach Prenni, Julie from My Shiny Monkey and Christie of Actual Times May Vary .

But for me, the most surreal moment happened in the elevator.  While waiting for the elevator outside the vendor suites, a conversation of Florida came up and a petite brunette (more petite than me) asked if I lived near St. Pete.  That led to her explaining about the shuffleboard establishment her company would soon be opening there and she handed me her card. All I saw was Ashley Albert, The Jimmies.

I swear, I uttered the very next words. “Nu-uh!  You’re Ashley of The Jimmies?!”

She nodded, smiled and said “Yes, that’s me.”

“My kids and I love The Jimmies!  Oh. My. God. My kids are not going to believe that I met you!”

That’s precisely the moment when my phone died, so I was unable to capture a photo of our encounter.  (I also forgot my DSLR camera.)  Ashley was kind enough to take a photo, but I haven’t received it yet.  So maybe we didn’t really meet.  I think it was another one of those stalker moments and perhaps it’s best not to remember it.

I believe I experienced a similar reaction when I met The Lorax.


  1. Stacy Uncorked says:

    It was SO awesome to meet you, Denise! It was cool to actually recognize you, because I kept seeing people who looked vaguely familiar but was too shy to approach them and do the corny line “You look familiar…” or “Do I know you from somewhere?” 😉 But since you were kinda cornered in the Matchbox Suite, it was easy to throw you for a loop when I said your name. 🙂 With so many droves of people in one place, it was so nice to run into – and hang out with – someone familiar. And so stinkin’ CUTE! And so NICE! 🙂 I look forward to hanging out with you in the future, because like I’ve said before, you ROCK! 🙂

    • Run DMT says:

      Oh man! I am so sad that I missed you and so many wonderful people. I think next time we need to arrange a meeting spot, like “Meet me in the Starbucks in the lobby!”

  2. jagelees says:

    How fun! I’m loving all the BLogHer recaps. I remember meeting Mamakat for the first time. She’s a hoot, isn’t she? She IS tall. How fun to meet Stacy Uncorked, too.

  3. Elle Burton says:

    It was so awesome to meet you in person at Blogher! I totally agree that it was crazy and overwhelming, but I loved it all. Plus my two roomies were a big help.

    PS I’m having a glass of Princess Nagger Sangria right now! LOL!

  4. silver account says:

    I firmly believe your life experience is what you make it: it can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. I’ve read some bloggers’ complaints about this and that: too many people, too crowded, bla bla blah. I decided early on that I was going to have a great time in NYC for the 4 days with friends and fellow bloggers. You know what? I did. It was a fabulous experience, starting off with an amazing session by Adorama on photography at “Blographer “. There were inspiring speakers, some who I was already a fan of and others who I am now a fan of, and really cool “swag” by some wonderful vendors. Huge thank you to Adorama for a great day, I am now a loyal Adorama fan for all of my photography needs!

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