Random Thoughts about Back to School Shopping and Being Back on Track {Tuesday}.

The kids start school next week. I procrastinated shopping for school supplies and back to school uniforms because I wanted to save our money for our trip to NYC, but I’m really regretting that decision now.  There is hardly anything left in the stores and what is left is not the best price.  Therefore, I’ve decided to shop for what I can and buy the rest after school starts when all the remaining merchandise goes on clearance.  I’m sure my kids’ teachers will understand.

Speaking of deals, I actually scored some FREE pens from Target.  I always read about these deals online, but it never works out for me or I can never find the items.  But this one, I figured out on my own so I guess you can call me a coupon savvy mom on the run.

If you’re interested, here’s how you can score some free pens, too. At target.com you will find a ton of coupons. Under the “back to school” tab you will find an assortment of coupons for miscellaneous school supplies. There, you will find a Paper Mate coupon for $1.00. (I found it on page 3.) In the store, Target sell a pack of Paper Mate pens for $0.97, so basically Target pays you three cents. Nice! Even if you don’t like Paper Mate pens, pick up a pack for your kids’ teachers. Teachers love pens, even red ones occasionally.

It’s been so long since I’ve done any speedwork that I couldn’t even remember the last time I did speedwork.  I had to check my blog posts.  The last Track Tuesday post was July 17.


Then, I remembered why I didn’t do any sprints that week.  My husband was out of town for a business trip.

The following week were in NYC.

Then the following Tuesday, I was recovering from our 2 day road trip and I was buried under a pile of vacation laundry.

Last Wednesday, I was desperate for a run. Only another runner will understand that statement. Though I spent the best part of a week walking from one end on Manhattan to the other and maintained some sort of fitness level, I couldn’t wait to run again.

On that Wednesday morning run, my legs fought me and my Garmin was dead because I forgot to charge it, but all I wanted was an easy four miles in the serenity of my own suburban world.  No hordes of people hustling and bustling by, only me just trying to hustle along the path.  No cars honking only the occasional crane squawking at me as I crossed his path.

And it was lovely.
4 miles
Time 42:56
Ave Pace 10:44
Max Pace 8:30

Then, on Thursday I went for a run and swim to wake up those muscles and prepare them for the tri on Saturday.

3.1 miles
Time 32:02
Ave Pace 10:20
Max Pace 7:37

Friday and Sunday were rest days.  If you missed my post about the Chaotic Coteeman, you can read it here.

Monday, I did 4 easy miles.

4 miles
Time 40:35
Ave Pace 10:09
Max Pace 8:26

Today (Tuesday), I was back on track for my speedwork.  There was nothing stopping me from my sprints this week other than my lazy legs, which were still tired from the tri on Saturday.

1 mile

Lap 1 – 0.25
Time 1:47:32
Ave Pace 7:06

Lap 2 – 0.25
Time 1:50
Ave Pace 7:23

Lap 3 – 0.25
Time 1:54
Ave Pace 7:35

Lap 4 – 0.25
Time 1:53
Ave Pace 7:40

1.1   mile
Time 11:02
Ave Pace 10:01

How about you? Are you back on track too?


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