Random Thoughts about Being Back in Black and Track Tuesday

Yesterday, my girls returned to school and it was back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Well, I tried to return to business as usual and I started off pretty good with a 5:00 a.m. wake up to run.  But somewhere along the way, I didn’t get much done.  At least I ran.

I’m blaming my lack of blogging and housework on the mimosas I sipped guzzled at our annual Boo Hoo/Woo Hoo Breakfast.  Every year on the first day of school, my friends and I meet for breakfast after we drop the kids off.  Some moms are giddy to be kids free and some are tearful.  For me, I was glad to see my girlfriends because it felt like we haven’t seen each other in ages.

This is the first year our Boo Hoo Breakfast became a Mimosa Monday and that was just lovely.  We raised our glasses to good friends, a great school year and hopefully, many more Mimosa Mondays to come.

Now that the girls are back in school, I’m back to waking up at 5:00 a.m. to run.  Holy dark night, Batman!  It’s dark out there!  During our lazy days of summer, I’ve enjoyed waking up late and chasing the sun for weeks but I forgot how dark it is in the early morning.  However, it’s even darker than normal as there are a few streetlamps out along the main boulevard.  I could barely see the road and the clowns hiding in the storm drains.

Speaking clowns and other fears… after competing in the Chaotic Coteeman, a few weeks ago, I caught the tri bug once more and really wanted to compete in another sprint this fall while the weather is still warm.  Since I waited to see how I would perform at the Coteeman (not falling off my bike or drowning), I missed the discounted early entry fees.  As luck would have it, one of my Striders friends’ husband’s business offered to sponsor a few of us and I jumped on it!  Looks like I’ll be competing in the Tarpon Springs Tri next month!

So on Wednesday to keep up with my tri training, I ran 3.1 miles and swam 40 laps. The swim took me about 20 minutes and it felt awesome.

3.1 miles
Time 30:24
Ave Pace 9:49
Max Pace 8:14

Thursday, I ran 4 miles.  Since I woke up late, I decided to run a different route, one I haven’t run in awhile.  I decided to take a scenic route around the larger lake in my neighborhood for some serenity while watching carefully for snakes and gators.  A beautiful breeze blew as the sun glistened and it felt like God was smiling. Namaste.

4 miles
Time 40:41
Ave Pace 10:11
Max Pace 8:17

Last Saturday I went for an 8 mile run.  When I woke up, I heard thunder and then it seemed to pass.  I walked outside, checked the sky and it seemed to be clear.  So, off I went.  About 5 miles into the run, the skies opened and lightning crashed.  So what does a runner do in a thunderstorm?

a)      Seek shelter.

b)      Fall into the fetal position under a tree.

c)       Pray.

d)      Keep running.

Though I was tempted to stop at my friends’ Faith and Greg’s house, I continued sloshing along in the rain.  And it sucked.  But I finished my 8 miles without being electrocuted and that’s all that matters.  My poor husband was so worried about me running in a thunderstorm that he loaded the kids up in the car to search for me.  I honestly don’t know how he missed me in the fetal position on the sidewalk.

8 miles
Time 1:25:01
Ave Pace 10:38
Max Pace 7:53

On Sunday, I rode 11 miles which wasn’t great, but at least I did it.  Biking is definitely my weakest area and the one I need to train harder.  Looks there will be another bike ride later this week.

Bike 11 miles
Time 49:25
Ave Speed 13.4
Max Speed 15.9

When rode ran yesterday in the dark, I forgot to change the setting on my Garmin back to running.  About a half mile into the run, I realized my watch was displaying speed instead of pace.  UGH!

4.68 miles
Time 48:40
Ave Pace 10:24
Max Pace 7:51

As for training harder, it’s Tuesday and time for sprints. I tried to give it my all.

1 mile

Lap 1 – 0.25
Time 1:55:71
Ave Pace 7:38

Lap 2 – 0.25
Time 1:52:88
Ave Pace 7:32

Lap 3 – 0.25
Time 1:55:10
Ave Pace 7:45

Lap 4 – 0.25
Time 1:56:82
Ave Pace 7:46

1.1   mile
Time 10:53
Ave Pace 9:53


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