Suds, Sun and Fun Runs

I promised forced my friends to run with me during our girlfriend getaway.  After last year’s drunken-no-running-fest, I couldn’t let myself slip up like that.  Besides, running on the beach is therapeutic for me.  Hopefully now, my girlfriends share those same sentiments.

Before our run, we had to capture the moment, of course, especially since one little smarty-running-pants figured out how to work her VGA front-facing camera on her Incredible device.  And thanks to Chrissy, we all knew exactly where to look at the camera.

Chrissy and Kat were worried about running in soft sand and I assured them that we would stick to the harder, packed sandy shores.  Unfortunately, high tide foiled our beach run plans and after a mile in uneven soft sandy surface, we elected to follow the bike trail along the island.

Instead of a beach run, we ran six miles along a very windy road with bad blind spots.  But I sure wasn’t blind to this Obama/Biden sign.

6 miles
Time 1:04
Ave Pace 10:43
Max Pace 7:46

The next day, Kat chose to sleep in and Chrissy, Faith and I had a little bit of a hangover later start.  Given the…eh…hem…*cough*…conditions  (and of course, I mean the heat), we opted to only run three miles.  What a sad three miles they were!

But no matter how hot we felt, we felt fit, accomplished and ready to take on the day!

But more importantly, we could return to our regularly scheduled beer pong program guilt free.

3.10 miles
Time 37:52
Ave Pace 12:14
Max Pace 8:01

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  1. Chrissy says:

    My calves and I did not enjoy running on the beach but I did love running with my friends! Your new phone takes INCREDIBLE pictures! LOL

  2. jenna says:

    its so nice to have the partnership with friends to run! i really wish i had that! keep on rockin!!! oh, and great pics too!! :o) i love visuals with stories! spa love!

  3. Paige says:

    Great pictures and blog!! Have you tried using especially while on vacation?? I know that when I am on vacation I tend to say the same thing about being lazy on my fitness and diet but fullbar has allowed me to stay on track with both when I go out of town and it has helped me slim down to! It makes me feel less guilty on the days I want to sleep in 😉 while Im vacationing.

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