I’m Feeling Pretty Muddy

Pretty MuddyRecently, I was approached to join Tampa’s Pretty Muddy event on November 10.  Though have to admit, mud events don’t float my boat.  I honestly had no desire to do one because of all the…well…mud.  After all, I pay good money for these running shoes!  Why would I go tromping and trailblazing through mud only to ruin my running shoes?

Then, I discovered the Pretty Muddy.  It’s the only all female pink mud run with “architectural obstacles” which I hope means there is no electric fence.  There is, however, a huge inflatable slide.  And there are bubbles.

A muddy event with bubbles?  Is there bubbly at the finish line too?  Pink champagne for a pink race would be a nice touch.  Or maybe they could serve mud slides once you cross the finish line?

But the best part is that participants can choose not to do the obstacles“Every obstacle will have a sign showing you around it. Only do the ones you feel comfortable doing and don’t feel bad going around a few – this is your day, do what you want to do.” Pretty Muddy

I know. I know. That’s lame and I’m o.k. with that, because at the Pretty Muddy (and only the Pretty Muddy), if I don’t want to crawl through mud, I don’t have to do it.  It’s my day, my race and I can do what want.  See, now that’s my kind of mud run.

But who knows, I may have a change of heart.  After all, “the obstacles were built with “fun” being the number one objective. Some will challenge you a little, some might challenge you a lot – but we’ll be there every step of the way to help you through it.”

So, I’m all signed up.  Now all I need is the outfit.  I’m thinking pink camouflage.  What do you think?

If you want to be part of the Pretty Muddy action here in Tampa, there is an exclusive $10 off coupon code for Run DMT readers: deniseisrundmt.  Sign up quick!  This code expires after October 27.

Let’s get Pretty Muddy together…or not.  But either way, we will definitely have fun!

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+


  1. Jenna says:

    That race sounds so fun!! I can’t wait for the pics and recap once it’s all done and over!! Have a super day and keep sweatin pink!! Spa love!

  2. thenerdyrunner says:

    I was skeptical for my first mud run here in lovely Nebraska (5k the Hard Way), because I hate being dirty. I’m more of a traditional runner and racer, but I loved it! I didn’t mind getting a little dirty, and wore my old running shoes for the race, so I didn’t mind if I had to throw them away afterwards. Plus, the availability of adult beverages made the post-race a little more enjoyable!

    It was a smaller event, with about 50 people/heat, and 8 heats, so not too big. But, it was VERY well run, a great course, and challenging, but not too challenging. I still don’t think I’m a big mud run runner, but I’ll definitely participate in this one again next year!

    Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Courtney @ JourneyofaDreamer says:

    No electric fences here! and I’m all for the pink bubbly at the end. Can we add shirtless firefighters to hose us off? HA! See you there!

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