Don’t Stop the Post-Race Party!

Now that I have my two marathons finished, I can focus on other fitness challenges and races.  With the Best Damn Race 10K this Saturday, Dirty Girl the following Saturday and Gasparilla Half Marathon at the end of the month, February is going to be a race filled month and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course, I just love having my calendar full of races (seventeen exactly).   After every race, there’s always a post-race party.  Like I previously mentioned, I’ll be attending seventeen of those post-race parties.  Speaking of parties, did you happen to notice the finisher medal for Best Damn Race?


That’s right.  It’s a bottle-opener.  Now you are starting to understand what I mean about races having the best post-parties.  With a bottle opener finisher medal, this race may just earn its name as the Best Damn one.

Bring on the races and don’t the stop the paaarrrrtay!


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  1. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Wow, you’re so awesome with all these marathons! I admire your tenacity for your sport, girlie. You so rock and we just love having you on the dance floor each week at Monday’s Music Moves Me!

  2. xmasdolly says:

    Like runnin’ just a tad do ya? LOL You go girl! I’m so proud to call you friend, but hey do me a favor run a mile for me too so I can say I did.. you can do it by proxy I think they call it. hahahaha I couldn’t run a block much less a couple of feet. Dam you’re good . I bet your girls are so proud of you aren’t they? Love this song by Pitbull. I wish I was at that party I’ll tell ya. I surely need one!

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