Going for Iron Girl…Again

A couple of years ago, I had this brilliant idea of completing over 40 miles in a variety races before my 40th birthday.  I reached that goal with a few 5Ks and three half marathons, one being Iron Girl.

Back then, I still had some of the baby bulge left behind from baby number three.  Although I wasn’t in the most tip-top fitness shape, I had the desire and drive to finish those races including the Iron Girl half marathon.  Looking back, I wished I had trained harder, especially for the bridges I faced throughout the Iron Girl course.

This April, I get an Iron Girl do-over.  Two years later, I’m in much better shape, more fit and stronger than I was for my first Iron Girl experience.  I know those Clearwater bridges better now and I plan to train for them by alternating my weekly speedwork training with hill training.  By doing so, I hope to shave at least 20 minutes off my time to finish closer to 2:10 rather than 2:34.

As I recently relearned, Iron Girl’s main mission is to empower women toward a healthy lifestyle.  Since I began my running journey in 2007, I have truly felt the empowering effects of this sport with each training run and race.  As runners, we constantly set goals for ourselves.  We have some setbacks, but those small hurdles only make us stronger and essentially empower us.

As a runner blogger, I believe the stories of my journey and my struggles have made me appear human to my readers and with their encouraging comments and emails, I know I’ve grown stronger physically and mentally.  Like my readers and so many other runners, I attempt to do the best I can do, because it’s so easy to skip a work-out, but every day I force myself to get out there and encourage myself to put one foot in front of the other.

That’s exactly how I’m going to take those Iron Girl bridges: one foot in front of the other.  I’ll keep on climbing and I won’t let those bridges discourage me.  When I approach those Clearwater bridges, I’m not going to cuss or fuss or let negative thoughts take over my mind.  Rather, I’ll raise my fists over my head and go for victory in true Iron Girl Grace and style.


At Iron Girl this April, I’m finding my inner Grace, that inner Iron Girl Grace that lies in each of us.  Won’t you join me and my fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers this April as we uncover our inner Iron Girl Grace?

To encourage you to join us in the Iron Girl journey, all Run DMT readers can get 10% off an entry with coupon code TBBLOGGERS13. Hurry! The code expires 2/28.

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“In the spirit of Iron Girl, it is important to empower, encourage and support women of all athletic abilities. The women of the Tampa Bay Bloggers share that belief. We ask our readers to share this vision by following the women of the Tampa Bay Bloggers as they embark on their Iron Girl journey.”

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 Callie of The Wanna Be Athlete

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Heather of 321 Fit Life – half marathon

 Holly of Ask the Fit Coach

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Jenny of Metamorfit – 5K mother/daughter team

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Rebecca ofFit Runnin Momma – half marathon

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Xiomora  of Parkesdale – half marathon



  1. Leana says:

    I did an Iron Girl race in Seattle a few years back. I loved it and would love to do another sometime. Best of luck with the race and crushing your previous time!

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