Flashdance: What a Retro Feeling!

When you hear the phrase “What a feeling!” do you immediately throw on leg warmers, a ripped up sweatshirt and launch into a leap across the room landing on your knees?

That was precisely my reaction and shared by my fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers when we were presented with an opportunity to see Flashdance live on stage at the Straz.

My sister accompanied me as my date and joined in the 80s throwback attire.

To my luck, my sister is a huge Flashdance fan and watches the movie every chance she can.  As somewhat of a Flashdance aficionado, Simone knows all the scenes and offered a play-by-play critique of the live production compared to the film.

Though the live production follows generally the same storyline as the film, many of the more risqué, provocative scenes have been omitted.  (Remember the crab leg scene?)  Even with the omission of these scenes, the live production still includes a mature content but palatable production for an audience of all ages.

Hurley’s Steel Mill and Harry’s strip joint still serve as settings for the scenes.  After all, some things are too crucial to the storyline to cut.  However, some of the storyline and characters did change, such as Gloria wanting to be a professional dancer instead of an ice skater.

Flashdance Company - Photo by Kyle Froman

Flashdance Company – Photo by Kyle Froman

All the important elements you remember from Flashdance still pour out, like the famous water splash performance, Alex’s audition number for the dance academy, Shipley and of course, the scene that taught every young girl how to remove a bra without taking off her top.

The revival of this 80s pop culture ionic film also brought back to life some favorite 80s hits such as I Love Rock ‘n Roll and Gloria.  Although some new 80s retro-style toe-tapping tunes were added to the score such as Put It On, which sounded vaguely like a Pointer Sister song.  Added to the mix was a paint can hip hop drumline dance score number reminiscent of a scene from Breakin’ or Electric Bugaloo.

Not all films make the leap onto stage with the same success as Flashdance, but much like Alex’s famous audition performance of pirouettes and repeated fast-paced toe pounding, Flashdance pulls it off with great success.

Flashdance puts it on.

Emily Padgett as Alex -Photo by Kyle Froman

Emily Padgett as Alex -Photo by Kyle Froman


  1. erin says:

    That does look fabulous! So sorry I missed it! And did you just happen to have those leg warmers? (I am actually looking to buy some – so not judging! LOL!)

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