Soup du Jour Vlog: I Hate LG Appliances

soupdujour_blogbuttonFor this week’s Soup du Jour Vlog, I’m serving up a few f-bombs, so it the f-word makes your cringed, be warned.  If you knew how much I loathed my LG appliances, then you would understand why a few foul expletives adjective are necessary.   Once you watch the vlog, it will all become clear.

This week, we tour my home and I explain the dysfunction of each appliance.  In a nutshell, my appliances are only seven years old and have been repaired numerous times.  I will never buy LG appliances again.  There are truly the worst appliances known to mankind.

Thanks for stopping by for today’s Soup du Jour.  Is anything in your life causing you to drop a few f-bombs?

By the way, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can watch each segment of the “I Hate LG Appliances” series.


  1. erin says:

    Okay,I didn’t watch the video – my son is here with me. But that’s really good to know about LG. I’ll try to remember to avoid it. (Dont you hate when you think of a brand but cant remember if you heard good or bad things about it…lol)

  2. Carli says:

    Okay. I’m going to the kitchen to kiss my cheap old GE appliances that have worked without fail for the last six years. Perhaps the GE folkd will send some to your door.

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