Random Thoughts about National Moms Nite Out, Boxing, a Boston Run, Stepping Up My Sprints and Track Tuesday

Weather wise, it has been a very strange spring weather.  We’ve experienced the usual hot and humid Florida spring days, but over the past few days, the weather cooled down for some strange reason.  We’ll back to our regular warm weather scheduled program soon enough.

Last week, the humidity was off the charts, which like I said, is to be expected this time of year, but I think what makes it worse is when there’s no heat with it.  It throws me off.  I expect heat with humidity.  My body can’t acclimate to the ups and downs.  Due to my asthma, I experienced labored breathing which made running very difficult given the himidtiy. I ran 4 miles but I couldn’t breathe so the run was pathetic.

4 miles
Time 44:32
Ave Pace 11:08
Max Pace 8:41

Wednesday evening, my friends and I tried a boxing class.  It was real boxing with gloves, wraps, bags and all.

The instructor, Tony a Hall of Famer, was like a drill sergeant.  In between hitting the bag, Tony made us do a gazillion squats and plank for what felt like hours.  I loved boxing to his selection of old school music, but he was not impressed with my bouncing while bobbing and weaving.  “That girl is poiiissson…*jab…jab*…. “Never trust a girl with a big butt and smile”…*undercut, jab, jab*… “Bel Biv DeVoe…”*jab, jab*… “Now you know.”

As I bobbed, boxed and bounced, Tony walked over to me with a scowl.  “Did you just come from happy hour because you all over the place?”

“I’m always happy.”

At least, I was happy hitting until Tony told me to pivot my back foot, but that caused some serious pain in my feet.  So, I pivoted when he was looking so he wouldn’t holler at me.

The boxing minus the pivoting was fun until he made us do floor work with a medicine ball.  Ab work with a medicine really hurt my lower back and made me cry, which only caused Tony to holler at me more. “Suck it up, butter cup and sit up!”

“I can’t!”

“There ain’t no can’t in my class!”

“Well, now there is because this hurts and I ain’t doing it!  I physically cannot do it!”

He’s right, though. There is no can’t in fitness.  But there shouldn’t be crying either.  Tony and I kissed and made up after the class. 😉

The next day, I had planned to run 6 miles with some friends, but my feet were killing me.  I could barely walk from all the pivoting.  So I decided to go for a 10 mile bike ride with Jenny instead, because although I couldn’t walk, I could certainly pedal.  Of course, as slow as I go, pedaling doesn’t seem like the right action verb to call how I ride a bike.

After finishing 15 miles prior, Jenny met me for an easy 10 miles on the trail, which wouldn’t be easy for me.  She even rode “heavy” on the gears to slow down to my speed.  Nice. I went so slow I practically rode backwards and I barely even burned any calories.   I really need to work on my speed in the next few months leading up to Iron Girl.

10 miles
Time 50:03
Ave Speed 12.0
Max Speed 14.9

Speaking of Iron Girl, Jenny and calorie burn, Jenny is hosting an awesome Facebook fitness challenge called the 500 calorie {exercise} burn challenge.  Basically, you have to exercise and burn 500 calories and share photos to prove it.  Of course, I barely hit the mark with that biking adventure, but there’s always next time.

Friday, I chaperoned a field trip to Sweetfield’s Farm Sunflower Maze and attended my moms group pampering event later that afternoon.  My aching feet craved a pedicure.  There was always Saturday to strive for a 500 calorie {exercise} burn.

I ran again on Saturday and once again, the humidity choked me, but at least I burned some calroeis for Jenny.

6.2 miles
Time 1:04:33
Ave Pace 10:25
Max Pace 8:03
630 calories

Monday, I appeared on the Mom Squad on Channel 10 News.  Between hubby’s traveling last month and sick kids, I had to cancel my appearances.  Yesterday, we shared opinions on the appropriate age to leave a child home alone.

Speaking of moms, this Thursday, May 9 is National Moms Nite Out and the Tampa Bay Bloggers are hosting a local event at Prime Bar at the Shops at Wiregrass.  All the moms that attend can expect lots of fun, food and prizes!  I can’t wait!  If you want to join us, RSVP via the Facebook event.

National Mom's Nite Out 2012

Tomorrow is Tampa Bay for Boston Run.  It’s in the evening and it’s been a while since I ran in the evening without my children.  Thank goodness it’s just a run and the last run along the St. Pete Pier before they tear it down.   No matter how fast or slow I run, I will be Boston Strong and there to cheer my friend, Marcia.  If you want to join me or run virtually with me, register here.  At least $20 per athlete will be donated to One Fund Boston.


After tomorrow’s memorial run, I’ll add another 2.62 miles towards my Joggermom Marathon total, but I’ll have to figure out some way to add another 300 calories in for Jenny’s challenge.  My friends, Heather and Jen, are running 5 miles in the early morning.  Should I run with them or conserve energy?

Today, I met my friends, Heather and Larisa, for sprints.  With Heather’s guidance and encouragement, I have stepped up my sprints to 4 x 800m with 0.25 resting/walking laps in between.  Heather normally jogs those resting laps, but she went easy on Larisa and I today.  The jump to half mile sprints was tough but I felt great.  We celebrated with a mile lap victory lap for our cool down.

Total Distance 5.15 miles (with 0.25 walking breaks between each lap)

1.01 mile warm up, Time 10:19

Lap 1 – Ave Pace 7:59, Best Pace 5:48

Lap 2 – Ave Pace 8:04, Best Pace 5:28

Lap 3 – Ave Pace 8:28, Best Pace 6:49

Lap 4 – Ave Pace 8:11, Best Pace 6:34

Cool Down – 1.14 mile Ave Pace 10:13, Best Pace7:46

And even with stepping up my sprints, I still am 9 calories short for the 500 calories {exercise} burn challenge. Bleh.  But at least I only 12 miles left to complete the Joggermom Marathon!

500 calorie burn 5-7-13

Can you hit 500 calories in a workout? Did you step up your speedwork this week?

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