My Little Pony Tea Party with Cadbury Ice Cream Bars

Discalimer: I received Cadbury Ice Cream Bars and  a tea party kit from MomSelect and Blue Bunny Ice Cream to host a tea party in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions, ideas and photographs are my own and my daughter, Emmalynn.

My youngest daughter loves tea parties.  We plan them all the time.  So, when Emmalynn requested a My Little Pony tea party for her 8th birthday, I happily obliged.

With such perfect timing, MomSelect and Blue Bunny Ice Cream sent me a tea party kit complete with a teapot, cups and saucers, a sugar bowl, creamer and posh frilly over-sized hats and boxes of Cadbury Ice Cream Bars.  Emmalynn and I could plan the perfect My Little Pony Tea Party.   Now, all we needed was a menu and a few birthday games.  Emmalynn excitedly planned it all.

For our menu, Emmalynn requested lentil soup as a starter.  She wanted cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches on white bread, strawberry jelly sandwiches on white bread and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on wheat bread, all with the crust cut off and cut into nice appropriate child-sized triangle shaped finger sandwiches.  For the tea, I brewed Tazo Passion Fruit Tea sweeten with agave.  I served it in the small porcelain teapot so the girls could pour themselves a spot of tea.

Emmalynn thought green and red grapes, apple slices and fresh strawberries would be a nice accompaniment to the sandwiches as well as a few veggies such as sugar snap peas, baby carrots, cucumbers and celery stalks with a bit of Ranch dressing for dip.  She also liked the idea of snacking on small cubes of cheddar cheese.

Though we used My Little Pony paper plates, Emmalynn wanted to use plastic cutlery that resembled silverware to match the fancy teacups.  We lined the table with a fancy purple paper tablecloth.

Upon arrival, the girls selected a hat to wear and a pony for their place setting.  I happily played the role of server and made sure everything was to their liking.

After our high tea party, we played a few games, all selected and carefully crafted by Emmalynn.  First, we played “Pin the Cutie Mark on Pinkie Pie”.  We blindfolded each player and the person with the closest mark won a My Little Pony Pinkie Pie.

Next, we played musical chairs or as Emmalynn called it, “All Around the Stable”.  Knowing that game has a tendency to become violent, I laid down the “rules” and reminded the girls that they are little ladies at a tea party, not a roller derby.  No injuries or feelings were hurt making it a successful musical chair pony game!

Then, we played piñata.  Although piñatas are not typically part of tea parties, Emmalynn really wanted piñata.  Since beating Pinkie Pie with a long stick seemed like animal cruelty, I suggested pulling the ribbons to release the treats.  The piñata was full of rubber rings, bubble gum gumballs, Ring Pops, My Little Pony hairclips, Tootsie Rolls and some Hershey’s Kisses.

After piñata, Emmalynn opened her presents.  The horse gift was her favorite!

Then, it was time for birthday cake.  Daddy baked and iced the cake, but Emmalynn had specific instructions for the decorations.  She wanted a few of her My Little Ponies to have a tea party just like us and she found miniature doll pieces for the perfect setting.

With the cake, we served the Cadbury Ice Cream Bars since everyone loves the combination of ice cream and birthday cake.  The Cadbury Ice Cream Bars, with a crunchy chocolate shell and creamy center, were a perfect addition and such a nice change from a traditional scoop of ice cream.

Our tea party guests could choose from four different flavors: Cadbury Royal Dark, Cadbury English Toffee, Cadbury Caramello and Cadbury Vanilla Chocolate.  The Cadbury English Toffee and Cadbury Caramello were the favored flavors.  Everyone loved those two the best.

As parting gifts, the guests could keep their hats.  We also gave each guest a My Little Pony cup filled with My Little Pony trinkets as additional party favors.

Emmalynn, my little eight year old tea party planner, loved her My Little Pony Tea Party.  With the help of Blue Bunny Ice Cream and MomSelect, it was a sweet success!