Random Thoughts about Doctor Who, a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Run and Track Tuesday

Last week started off strong with the workouts and a 9-11 Memorial race in the middle of the week, but by Thursday, my legs were like rubber bands so I opted for a rest day.  Little did I know that one rest day would turn into four rest days because I didn’t realize I would be out of town attending the Hispana Leadership Summit (more on that later.)

I had planned to attend a Body Pump class at the YMCA on Friday, however, I found myself driving to Orlando instead.  In a last minute frantic pack, I forgot to pack any clothes and my swimsuit. Then on Sunday, I was too tired to move from a busy conference.

Monday, I woke up to run 6 miles with Heather but she canceled and so I went back to bed, but the extra rest did me some good because I woke up ready for some Body Pump.

Today was Track Tuesday and after our 1 mile warm up, Claude proposed a new challenge for us at the start: 6 x 100 sprints.  My 100s averaged about ten seconds, although I only clocked one of them on my Garmin, so you’ll have to take my word on that.

Then, Claude told us it was time to face the marathon music and get back into the habit of 800s during our marathon training.  I was game because it’s been awhile since my last half mile intervals, however, after the 6×100 sprints, my legs weren’t too happy.  I did ok but not great.  It just means that I need to do 800s more regularly again.

1.3 mile warm-up
Time 12:58
Ave Pace 9:58

Lap 1 – 0.50 – Time 3:48
Ave Pace 7:38

Lap 2 – 0.25 – Time 3:51
Ave Pace 7:44

Lap 3 – 0.25 – Time 3:55
Ave Pace 7:52

Lap 4 – 0.25 – Time 4:11
Ave Pace 8:24

1 mile cool down, Time 10:16

Next week, I have back to back races with the Girl Scouts Thin Mint Sprint 5K on Saturday and Iron Girl Triathlon on Sunday.  I’m really not feeling ready for Iron Girl because I totally slacked off on the swimming since Chaotic Coteeman.  With my kids’ back to school schedule instead of their lazy summer schedule, it’s been so hard for me to fit in everything.  I need to get all my workouts finished before the family wakes up and sometimes lack of time is an issue.

Oh well.

Tomorrow, I plan to fit in a spin class before the family wakes up since cycling the trail isn’t practical anymore with the sun rising later and later.  Once Little Lion Man starts preschool, I can go for rides on the trail later in the morning.  Believe it or not…because I never thought I would utter these words…I miss riding my bike.  Maybe Jenny will meet me to ride 20 miles again this Sunday…hint…hint…

Are you a Doctor Who fan?  Honestly, I only became a fan this past year.  I remember Doctor Who from the really boring PBS shows back in the 80s.  Seriously.  The show aired on PBS alongside Lawrence Welk and not

  • on network television for a reason.  Yawn fest, folks.


But then, this past year, my family and I began watching the new Doctor Who with Matt Smith and we were HOOKED.  On Boxing Day, we watched the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America and caught up on all the episodes of the 11th Doctor.

Hooked, I tell you.


Then, every Saturday night after that, we gathered around the television to watch all the new episodes.   And then the season ended last May and we were left wanting more Doctor Who and the impossible girl.


So, I set the DVR to record any and all episodes it could find of Doctor Who and lo and behold, it surprised us with the all the episodes with the 9th doctor.


Ay up? Who’s this bloke?  And what’s with his accent?  I can’t understand an f-ing word.  And what’s with the leather jacket?  He should be wearing a bow tie.  Bow ties are cool.


So this summer, we watched all the episodes with the 9th Doctor and we learned to understand him love him and Rose almost as much as 11th Doctor and Amy, Rory (sniff…sniff) and Clara.


And then, we saw him regenerate into the 10th Doctor, whom we already loved and transfer in the 11th Doctor before now.


And just like that, we were caught up on all the episodes and seasons of Doctor Who in a non-linear non-subjective big ball of wibbly wobbly much like time, you see.


The reason why I feel compelled to share our Doctor Who obsession is because my blogger runner friend, Amanda  of One Mile to Go ran a virtual Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Run and shared her medal on Facebook.


Photo credit to Amanda at One Mile to Go

I want that.  Hello, Sweetie.

My 11 year old, Allana, is the biggest Doctor Who fan out of all of us and is so excited about this virtual race.  She is organizing her friends to run a 5K with her.  I am registered for the half marathon.  If you want to join us, register here, but hurry because registration closes September 30.

But it’s more that a virtual run with a sexy blue box medal.  This virtual Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Run also benefits the Boston Marathon Victims Relief Fund.

I just wonder if the medal is bigger on the inside.

“Run you clever boy and remember.”


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  1. Running Betty says:

    The medal is not bigger on the inside, your heart is! This is an awesome medal, and we love Dr Who so much that DD1 asked her boyfriend to wear a TARDIS blue bowtie to prom. But they don’t like the episodes from the 60s. Do you have a Netflix accnt? I think we watched them all on there.

    • Denise says:

      DD1 is contemplating the half marathon just so she can have a TARDIS blue ribbon. 😀 Did I mention I’m dressing as the TARDIS for the Frankenfooter 5K?

  2. Jenny says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen one single episode of Dr. Who. I’m going to have to get on that ASAP especially since Dexter is almost over!!

    And maybe I can ride on Sunday. I’m supposed to do a killer WOD on Friday that is promising to leave my legs SCREAMING so we’ll see 😉

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