Pinterest Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards

I *heart* Pinterest.

Who doesn’t? Am I right?

I’ve been pinning all sorts of Valentine’s Day ideas since I first joined Pinterest. You may remember the Valentine’s Day cards my kids and I made a couple of years ago.

I pin fun holiday ideas all year round.  You do too, don’t you?  Pinterest puts new meaning to “Christmas is July”.

I had my eye on this crafty car Valentine for my little guy for a while.  I knew it was the perfect Valentine for my little car enthusiast’s preschool classmates.  To recreate it, I purchased a pack of cars and 40 count small heart treat bags at our local dollar store.  I designed the card on PicMonkey and assembled it to look like this.  The text reads, “Valentine, You make my heart race.”

Car Valentine

When I showed Emmalynn the assortment of Pinterest-inspired Valentine’s Day cards, she loved the s’mores craft.

S'more Valentine Card

To recreate this Valentine, I used the same loot bags as above and purchased s’mores making items at our local supermarket.  With very thoroughly washed hands, Emmalynn assembled little s’mores kits for her classmates which included two graham cracker squares, individual Fun Size Hershey’s and pink one large marshmallow.  Again, I designed the card on PicMonkey and affixed it to the little bag with Scotch tape. The text reads, “Valentine, I need s’more friends like you.”

Since Allana is my moustache lover, she loved the “I moustache you a question” Valentine’s Day Card for her middle school friends.  We used her Christmas portrait, added some text and a moustache on PicMoney, because she felt it was necessary to add a handlebar moustache to her own face.  Then, we uploaded the cards to Wal-Mart’s photo center to print them.

Moustache Valentine

We found some fun fuzzy facial hair at the dollar store which Allana affixed over the word mustache.  She like the idea of hiding the word “moustache” under the actual moustache.

Moustache Valentine

I love PicMonkey for creating fun things like this as well as fun graphics for blogging and photo editing too.  Right now, PicMonkey is offering my friends (We’re friends, right?) one day of free PicMonkey Royale (their cool upgrade option).  So give PicMonkey a go!

PicMonkey is normally free, but with my special link, you can play like a Royale and test out all the cool fonts, designs and photo editing options that aren’t normally free.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Run DMT!


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