Another Colorful Time! My Color Me Rad Recap

Disclosure: As part of a Tampa Bay Bloggers and Color Me Rad partnership, my daughters, friends and a handful of Run DMT fans received Color Me Rad entries in exchange for my honest review. The opinions shared are my own.

My girls and I returned to the Florida State Fairgrounds with friends into tow to share this colorfully RAD time!

With traffic not cooperating on I-75, our friends arrived late; so we joined a later wave. That’s what I love about these fun runs; it’s all about a fun time rather than a finish time.

Before our RADical start, we snapped a few before photos. The girls and I wore white (It’s a must for the full colorful effect.) and bandannas again to minimize the dust because Emmalynn and I suffer from such bad asthma.

Color Me Rad

The “before” shot

So we joined the 9:45 which was a special memorial wave #run4Megan and #run4colin added for the two teens recently murdered.

Allana took off with her friends while Emmalynn and I maintained a much slower walking/running pace.

Like a good coach, I gave Emmalynn a set distance to run to, which is how I learned to run all those years ago. Once we turned the corner around a barn, we came upon the first Color Bomb Squad, purple, Emmalynn’s favorite color.

Emmalynn and I decided to snap selfies after every Color Bomb Squad.

Much like last year, it was crazy hot. The sweat combines with the colored corn starch made finger-paint instantly on my body.

The blue Color Bomb Squad was armed with hoses and the cutest little Color Bomb Cutie. I didn’t want to leave.

Around the halfway mark, we came upon a water station. Emmalynn and I doubled up on the bottled water and carried one with us as we ran.

After the yellow color bomb squad, I almost cut the course short by running across the grass instead of following the cones. Emmalynn was not happy about running back to follow the course correctly but I reminded her we were almost finished. “We’d be almost done if you didn’t make us run back!” She hollered at me.

Luckily, I distracted her with another selfie.

When we were close to the home stretch, I made Emmalynn run to what I thought was another water station.

As we drew closer, I realized the Color Bomb Squad was handing out color bombs! We could only grab one each, so Emmalynn and I chose pink and yellow.

Other runners decided to lie down on the course to be rained on by Color Bombs. I loved the color explosion on the course.

With less than a quarter mile to the finish, there was one more Color Bomb Squad to run through and one more pink selfie.

Then, Emmalynn and I finished colorful and strong.

Allana was waiting at the finish line for us. Like a good big sister and running partner, she cheered and ran through the finish with us. After we ran through the finish, we posed for another seflie, of course.

For a full visual effect, we posed for a full body after shot, but Emerson, the race director, photo bombed our color bomb shot.

With the absence of a finish time for this race, our goal was to look like an exploded bag of Skittles. I’d say we certainly reached a new colorful PR for Color Me Rad!

The “after” shot


  1. Flower says:

    It looks everyone had a great time and I think the best thing about these races is that you can run with your kids. They love it and you get to create healthy, happy memories together, that’s priceless!

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