My Girls Get a USF Football Education #BullsUnite

Like turkey on Thanksgiving, football is wholeheartedly an American tradition. However, apart from watching the game on Sunday, I feel I have failed my American parenting duties by not introducing my kids to college football, especially the USF Bulls, my alma mater.

Although I may have dropped the ball as a parent, that all changed last Saturday when USF invited a handful of Tampa Bay Bloggers to experience the USF vs. Temple football game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. At last, I could redeem myself and finally introduce my kids to the energy and excitement only found in the bleachers in a larger than life football stadium.

USF Football #BullsUnite

While it’s been ages since I’ve attended a USF game, all the things I love about watching a game live came flooding back once watching the Bulls cleaned the floor with Temple. There is something about the atmosphere about a college game that can’t be replicated at a professional football game.

I love hearing the fans chant in harmony.

I love watching the thrill of the fans’ faces and their mad dancing skillz on the Jumbotron.

I love seeing the players explode with energy along the sidelines which compels them to dance in unison like a wave.

I love all the on-the-edge-of-your seat excitement like witnessing a 47 yard field goal.

You read that right. Marlon Mack #5 made a 47 yard field goal kick. It’s moments like that Mack Daddy move which make college football so much more enjoyable than professional game.  To me, college football students play harder and fill the game with a tremendous amount of heart, soul and enthusiasm that seems to be lost in an overly commercialized professional game.

Years ago, my sister and I would attend college games together and it brought me such joy to relive that those college days at Saturday night’s USF home game as I shared the experience with my girls. Sadly, my Little Lion Man missed out due to strep throat and Dad opted to stay home with him.

The upside the boys staying home, the evening became a Girls Night Out at a USF game! That also had me thinking that it was good being just the girls. Since typically football is male dominated sport, my sister and I could teach my daughters to enjoy the game because girls really do like football and understand it. We’re not pretending to like it to impress some guy.

The USF Football game was truly a fun family-friendly Girls Night Out and I’m looking forward to furthering my kids’ (especially my girls’) USF Bulls Football education.


Watch the #BullsUnite and smear Cincinnati at the last USF football home this Friday, November 20 at 8:00 pm at Raymond James Stadium. Purchase tickets at or watch the game unfold live on CBS Sports Network.