Care to Recyle This Earth Day and Everyday With a Simple Sunblock Lifehack

Recycling has always been a integral part of our household chores. As soon as my kids were old enough to flip the top on our recycling trash can, I implemented a recycling chore chart.

For each plastic or glass container my kids recycle, they add a tally mark to a homemade T-chart and would earn a nickel for each recycled good.


In addition to recycling, applying sunblock is an important part of our daily Florida beauty routine much like brushing our teeth. And since most sunblock containers are made of plastic, sadly those empty sunblock containers would often join the piles of other plastics in our recycle bin.

However, the small trial size of Neutrogena sunblock tubes never made it into the recycling bins. Instead, I found a fantastic way to reuse those handy little perfect for your purse tubes of sunblock. Once you squeeze the last drop of sunblock out of that little tube, you can actually REFILL it with some more of you favorite Neutrogena sun block.

At first glance, the hole may seem to small to even fit a pin, but if you just snip off the top with some kitchen sheers or a blade, you will have a produce a slighter larger opening which is just the right size to refill the tube.

Then, carefully squeeze your favorite Neutrogena sun block over the opening without the sunblock pouring over the sides.

Gently tap the tub on a surface such as a counter and the sunblock will slide right into the tube. Repeat the steps until the tube is full.

Now, you have a small tube of sun block that you can, fit into your kids’ backpack, carry in your purse or safely slip through airport security for your summer trips. Plus, by reusing a tube of sunblock, you’ve reduced your footprint of the environment.

Sunblock Lifehack

Did you know that parents are an emerging bright spot when it comes to extending in-home recycling habits to the bathroom?

A 2016 consumer survey on in-home recycling habits, conducted in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., shows that 60% of parents would be more likely to discuss recycling with their children if it was an activity they could do together and they had more creative, engaging ways to explain the impact of recycling.

  • One-third of regular recyclers (34%) admit that it never even occurred to them to recycle in the bathroom!
  • The largest obstacle when it comes to recycling personal care products in the bathroom is a lack of tools and resources; only one in five recyclers have a recycling bin in their bathroom.

Care To Recycle® seeks to break down barriers commonly associated with recycling in the bathroom by showing that recycling in the bathroom can be easy and fun!

Care To Recycle®, a program of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., provides creative new ways for parents to reimagine their recycling habits beyond the kitchen and into the bathroom, while engaging their children.  Everything from shampoo and mouthwash bottles to soap and bandage boxes can be recycled. To better understand which bathroom products can and cannot be recycled, visit

Care To Recycle® aims to raise awareness of the importance of recycling personal care products in the bathroom, including preventing valuable materials from entering landfills unnecessarily.

Recycling no longer needs to be viewed as just another household chore; showing your kids how to recycle can be one of life’s little teachable moments that can have a lasting impact.  Together, we can help create a healthy planet for our kids today, and for future generations.

The more you know about what’s recyclable, the more likely you are to do it. For tips and tools to become a better recycler, visit

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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