Happy 18th Birthday, Allana – 18 Tips to Adulting

Eighteen years ago you made me a mom.


As I held my tiny baby girl in my arms, I couldn’t imagine the beautiful person you would become and somehow, you grew into an adult overnight. By a stroke of luck, your father and I crafted a beautiful, brilliant, talented person. I’m not sure how we navigated parenthood to produce such an incredible creature, but we pulled it off with you.

Allana 2019 Homecoming

At 18, you are legally an adult, however, as your mom, it is my responsibility and duty to still parent you until my dying days. I can’t stop you from doing the things you will do, but as your mom, I can’t help but advise you.

Allana Mural1

Soon you will be off living your life but before that day arrives, I must send you off into the world with some basic knowledge.

18 Tips to Adulting

  1. Always be you.
  2. Treat others how you wish to be treated.
  3. Eat protein, veggies and good carbs at every meal and less sugary and fatty foods.
  4. Stand up to injustice.
  5. Phone calls are better than texts to let someone know you care.
  6. Save your pennies and always carry some cash on you.
  7. Collect experiences over things.
  8. Let the professionals dye your hair.
  9. Never tattoo someone’s name on your body.
  10. Spend time with those who truly love you.
  11. Go for walks.
  12. Keep a good pair of jeans and a little black dress in your wardrobe.
  13. Find your spirit.
  14. Do charitable acts.
  15. Listen to your gut about situations and people.
  16. When life teaches you a lesson, take notes. Learn from your mistakes and grow.
  17. Hugs can heal.
  18. Vote

As you go into the world as an adult, you will probably add you own adulting tips to this list based on your own experiences. That’s all part of the journey into being a grown up. Welcome to adulthood!

Happy 18th Birthday, Allana