Babes and Bums and My Badunkadunk

Since this blog is called “Run DMT”, I owe it to my fans readers to post something about my training.


My next challenge is the Babes and Bum Triathlon on August 9, a mini-triathlon consisting of a 3.1 run, 10.5 mile bike and 1/8 mile swim.  Although the date is fast approaching, I am no way prepared for this race.  Between my oldest daughter home for the summer, the humidity, my allergies/asthma, and the many margaritas consumed this summer, my training regimen is completely out of whack.


For Independence Day, I participated in the Lutz Independence 5K run.  Seems simple enough, right?  I’ve run farther distances!  I started the race off strong running 7 minute miles, but then I got the worst stomach cramps imaginable.  I’ve read on-line that diet and dehydration can really wreak havoc on you in the summer months.  I’ve also read that running faster than your breathing can cause cramps, but nonetheless, I had to walk quite a bit throughout the race.  I was so upset!  I have trained so hard and have run longer distances and yet, I could not run the entire race.  Oh well.  My time was still pretty decent despite the cramps (29:10).


Lori, Leslie and me at the Lutz Independence Day Run

Lori, Leslie and me at the Lutz Independence Day Run


To be ready for the triathlon, I am giving up the margaritas.  Well, I am at least cutting back on them! LOL They are my vice at the moment and “once it hits your lips, it’s so good” (Frank the Tank, Old School 2003).


The greatest challenge for me at the moment besides the margaritas and the heat/humidity is the fact that I do not own a bike.  Seems silly to train to for a triathlon when you don’t own a bike, right?  Well, I am not the glass is half-empty kind of gal!  Where there is a will, there is a way and my way is sneaking into my girlfriend’s gym and riding a stationary bike for 10.5 miles.  My sister, Simone, and my friend, Lori, have offered to lend me their mountain bikes for the race, which I’ve heard are not the best bikes for triathlons as they are much slower and heavier than racing bikes.  When riding the stationary bike, I’ve set it to the highest resistance level, so hopefully that will prepare for riding a mountain bike in the race.


As for the swimming component of this race, I’ve have been swimming 8 laps in my community pool but it has not been easy for me.  In my mind, if I practice to swim further than the actual distance, then it will seem less of a struggle the day of the race.


It’s time to get serious again!  I will make a concerted effort to run 3 times a week again.  As I mentioned already, summer vacation has caused my whole routine to be jumbled.  Prior to summer, I was running 5 miles twice a week and 10 miles on Sunday.  With all our traveling and non-stop trips to Margaritaville, I am quite behind in my long distance runs.  Now that summer is coming to an end, I am able to redirect my focus and get back on track.  So, far this week I ran 4 miles.  I will run 5 miles on Friday and 8 miles on Sunday.  Hopefully, it will only take me a couple of weeks to reach 10 miles again.


As for my cross-training, I love kick-boxing! I’ve recorded dozens of episodes of In Shape with Sharon Mann.  Her shows kick my badunkadunk, especially boot camp and kickboxing.  On my days of rest, usually the Monday after my long run, Sharon and I do some yoga.


Today, my friend, Lori and I plan to visit the new Lifestyles gym that opened in Lutz.  We have a week’s free pass and I am excited to try out the group fitness classes.  I haven’t decided if I will join because I enjoy sneaking into my friend, Julie’s gym.  It’s so quiet there at the crack of dawn.  Since I start my day around 5:00 a.m., I can check my e-mail and then dash off to work-out while my family sleeps.  When I return, I jump in the shower, get dressed and by the time I am finished time, my house is alive and everyone is ready to start the day, including me.  If I join the gym, I may become lazy and start my day later and find myself readjusting my routine again.  There is only so much time in the day to work-out, blog, run a moms’ group, attend playdates and raise a family!

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