Chick in Chaos

As a personal goal, I try to register for at least one race a month.  With the threat thrill of an approaching race, I find it prevents me from slacking off too much and I stay motivated and focused.  Since I thoroughly enjoyed the Babes and Bum Triathlon, I wanted to try my hand at another tri and with that, I registered for my next challenge: the Chaotic CoteeMan on September 27

Despite my excitement for another triathlon, I overslept this morning and missed my window of opportunity to run.  Plus, another rainy day here in the Sunshine State has put a damper on any desire to exercise.  UGH!  Rain makes me so lazy and I am really enjoying my pajamas today.  Once again, I am tempted by my couch and Twilight.  I must fight the temptation and pay my friend, Sharon Mann, a visit to kick this chick in shape for the chaos challenge I face next month.  Besides, I need to do something to avoid eating the banana bread and The Hungry Housewife’s Winning Lemon Loaf I baked today.  My badunkadunk butt thanks you, Leslie.  Pass the fat pants and hand over the cookie.

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