Five Minutes for Fitness

I am feeling so lazy today.  Yes, even Diva Run DMT has her moments of laziness and those days are usually called “Pajama Days”.  A raging thunderstorm this morning squashed any motivation I had for working out today.  If I hadn’t committed to hosting our Moms on the Go Annual Back to School Bash, I would have never left the house.  I would have much rather curled up on the couch with my new book, Twilight, while my babysitter Noggin entertained the children. I feel like a super mom turned super sloth today. 

Then, this afternoon I chanced upon a new challenge posted on Five Minutes for Moms.  Every Thursday, you must commit to adding Five Minutes of Fitness to your usual routine.  The exercises are simple, but challenging enough to rid you of that baby belly and turn your bundadunk butt into a bodacious booty.

Now, I feel guilty for missing my work-out and stuffing my face with pizza instead.  So, if you’ll please excuse me, I must take five for a dance party with my girls.  I feel a little Dancing Queen coming on.


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