Loopy for Longleaf

As previously mentioned, I have a sponsor flipping the bill for me to compete in the Longleaf Triathlon on Sunday, October 19.  This sprint consists of a 1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run.  


Did I happen to mention that the 1/4 mile swim is in a LAKE?  See, here in Florida, we don’t have your typical freshwater lakes like ya’ll do up north.  We have mucky, green algae cesspools where water moccasins and alligators live.  However, I’m not so worried about the creatures getting me as the microscopic critters and Killer Amoeba that may find its way into my nose.  I just hope my swim cap helps keep the brain eating organisms out of my ears.


As for my training,  I missed my long Sunday run this week because my family and I spent the day at Sea World (more about that later).  On Monday, I was too hung over tired to even think about any kind of work-out. 


On Tuesday, I ran 4.03 miles in 40:44 in the dark early morning.  From the sewers, I heard gurgling noises of an angry clown.  Either the sewer maintenance men only retrieved part of him or they really pissed him off which caused him to make those unearthly sounds.



Wednesday morning, my DH left early for work, which meant no run for me.  Instead, I kick boxed with my BFF, Sharon Mann


Today, I squeezed in some triathlon training, by running 4.12 miles in 41:16 and biking 10:13 miles in 44:45.  Not the greatest time, but at least I didn’t fall off my bike.


Friday, I will run another short distance 4-5 miles.  Saturday, I would like run a short distance (~2 miles) and swim 12 laps.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I think you are so brave to even think of swimming in anything other than a freshly chlorinated pool. You are a true athlete!

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