But It Ain’t No Lie! It’s Time for Five Minutes for Fitness!

During both Disney races, there were DJs placed sporadically along the route blasting tunes to keep the runners motivated.  I loved the variety of music they played, which often caused me to break out in random dance moves, like the Hustle and YMCA.  I’m sure I irritated the runners around me and they were probably hoping I would trip! 


When NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye boomed over the speakers, I couldn’t control the compulsion to bust out my best hip hop moves with that blast from the past.


Then, during my long haul on Sunday, I remembered Darrin’s Dance Grooves, which taught the basic dance steps to all your favorite pop videos. 


So, due to my NSYNC flashblack at Disney, I am dusting off Darrin’s Dance Grooves to Bye Bye Bye for this week’s installment for Five Minutes for Fitness.




Once you learn all the steps, try dancing along with NSYNC at the American Music Awards.  Doesn’t JT look like such a baby?


But it ain’t no lie.  Baby, Bye, Bye, Bye!  





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