Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Since the Striders participated in the River Rap Run on Saturday, no run was scheduled at the trail this week.  Given this news, Tiffany, Amanda and I fell back into our usual running routine and met for an early Sunday morning run once again.

Admittedly, when I woke up on Saturday morning, I was thankful not to be running.  With no signs of a hangover, I survived the after-party of the tap house run, but not the race.  My legs were killing me and I felt so dehydrated, which are all signs of overtraining.  Between trying to increase my speed and the Juneathon, my calves and hamstrings were rebelling and my body begged for a day of rest.


On Sunday, I wanted to run 8 miles but with my legs complaining, I decided to take it easy.  Since Amanda runs much slower than me, she helped me slow down my pace quite a bit and my legs were thankful.


However, by the time 8:30 a.m. rolled around, I had only gone 7 miles and I couldn’t bare the heat any longer.  We will definitely need to start earlier if we going to move at a snail’s pace while still attempting to add on the miles.

Time: 1:21:33

Pace: 11:38


When I left my house for this morning’s run, the air felt cooler.  With all the moisture in the air, small patches of fog materialized around me and a cool breeze seemed to follow the fog.   Some small gray clouds also hovered in the sky and it appeared that rain could be in today’s forecast.


But another type of storm approached, as I stretched before my run.  My stalker drove past me and different type of chill came over me.  I’ve managed avoiding him for some time now and the look on his face seemed very displeased with my absence.  Thankfully, he hurried on his way to work and I dodge another interaction with him.


Once the magnificent orange sphere began to rise, the cool air and fog began to disappear.  At that point, I was nearly finished with my run and happy to have avoided the heat and my stalker.


Time: 30:11

Pace: 9:58


As for my 3 mile run, my legs were still a bit sore and complaining, but, I felt like I needed to torture myself do a bit more.  After my run, I broke my back did some Pilates with my BFF Sharon.


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