Push-Up Challenge, Day 5

For Day 5, I began Week 4 of the one hundred push-up program.  I attempted my first set of 18 with manly push-ups but after about five of them, my arms gave up.  So, I finished the set with girlie “alternative” push-ups.  (To appease my friend, MTAE, I will refer to them as alternative push-ups instead of girlie.)  For the set of 25 and 16, I did alternative push-ups.  For the last set of 16, I tried once again to add some more manly ones in and I did about 8 before my arms started to shake.  I ended today’s challenge with 8 “alternative” push-ups.  For Monday (Day 6), I think I will just stick with the girlie alternative push-ups.


My upper body strength seemed really week today.  It might something to do with the fact that I slept really poorly last night and I ran 6 miles this morning.  The 6 miles were tough and felt pretty wiped after it, but more on my run later.  It could also be that I was putting on make-up in between sets.  I guess I should do push-ups before make-up, but powdering between push-ups just seemed natural to me.


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