Push-Up Challenge, Day 12

I meant to perform my exhaustion test on Wednesday, but somehow the day slipped by and I never completed the test.  Then Thursday rolled in and I intended to perform the test once I rested after my 4 mile run, however, that never came to fruition.  So, it definitely had to be FRIDAY that I would perform my exhaustion test.  After all, Friday was the end of the challenge!  Um…yeah…after a nasty spill on my bike that never happened, either.  So, here I sit with bruised ribs wondering exactly how many push-ups can I do?  Until I heal, I guess we will all have to keep wondering.


For me, the challenge isn’t over and I will continue with the program until I reach one hundred.  It ain’t over yet, folks! 


So, how did you all finish the challenge?  How many can you do?  Did you make 100?   Please, please, PLEASE leave a comment letting me know how you did or how you are doing, if you are continuing with the program, because I have a special treat for one lucky push-up participant! 😉 


Oh, I can’t keep secrets!  OK, if you really must know…It’s an autographed copy of 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups by Steve Speirs, the mastermind by the onehundredpushups program!!!  How cool is that?!  🙂 So, leave a comment now and tell me all about your performance!  One lucky commenting push-up participant will be selected on Saturday, August 8.


  1. Tiffany says:

    My challenge is still going. I may have not reached 100 just yet, but I have learned to never buy a dark-colored rug (no matter how cute) because it shows every piece of lint. And, my fixation on the lint definitely thwarted my efforts. I will “push on” nonetheless!

  2. Paul says:

    Well, I was confused at first. I thought the challenge was to do 100 push by the end of July. Not do 100 continuous pushups by July. So here I am doing 10 push ups a day thinking I would be done in 10 days when Brian sets me on the right path. Well I can’t do 100 in a row, but I can do five sets of 20 with 30 second breaks between each. I don’t know if I will ever try for the 100 or just keep adding 20 push up sets, probably the latter.

  3. lindsay says:

    i am still going as well… i fell off the horse last week. i can do 100 just not all at once 🙂 does that count?

    totally excusable to take some time off from pushups. i’m not sure sore-ribs & pushups go together so well…

  4. Nancy says:

    I started late on this, fell off the wagon and then hubby messed up my computer causing me to loose all my book marks, but I am ‘pushing’ along. I will get there! Thanks for all the links and tips you are really an inspiration.

  5. Brooke says:

    I started this a while ago and never finished. I am back on the horse and hoping to wow all the sheriff’s deputies I work with when physical assessment times rolls around!

  6. Amanda M. says:

    I have hit a wall with this challenge. I cannot get past week 3. Don’t know what to do differently, maybe try and win the book so I can read about what I am doing wrong.. lol.

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