Bruised Body and Spirit

This week has been a terrible week for training.  My DH changed his schedule around and started leaving for work earlier a couple times a week.  That combined with my laziness and the heat has made it way too easy to loose my motivation. 


Finally on Thursday, I found the motivation to get out the door for a quick run before Allan left for work.  It was a decent run despite the heat, but I crossed paths with a cottonmouth in the road which I think motivated me to run a bit faster.


 4 miles

Time 40:11

Pace 10:02


Knowing I needed to get at least some tri training in this week, I decided to run and bike today.  I’ve been doing a lot better on the bike.  My balance is improving and I can dismount without falling on my ass, which is always a bonus.


Once again, the heat made the 3 mile run tough.  With the unbearable heat and humidity, even my eyelids were sweating.

3 miles

Time 30:31

Pace 9:49


After an extended Gatorade and water break transition, I hopped on my bike for a 10.5 mile.  However, I think the heat has made people drive like lunatics.  Or is there a full moon?


On 4 different occasions, I nearly became road kill today.  First, when I exited my neighborhood, a commercial van flew passed me scaring the tar out of me.  Whenever I see commercial vans driving like idiots, I make a mental note to never use their services.


After about 5 miles into my ride, I was making pretty good time.  Then, a mini-van backed out of her drive without looking and nearly hit me.  I swerved out of the way by hopping on the sidewalk.  That’s when I noticed the “Baby on Board” sign in the rear view mirror.  Great.  So, she can drive a jackhole and run others over because she has a baby in the car.


The mini-van passed me, but eventually slowed down when a cement mixer began to reverse in the road.  When the cement mixer spotted the mini-van, he let her pass, but I guess he didn’t see me behind Miss Mini-Van.  When she passed him, he proceeded to back up again and I had to swerve out of the way by hopping on the sidewalk again.


I should have taken these all as signs to call it quits, but I continued pedaling.  Then, a pick-up truck backed out his driveway without looking and nearly hit me.  Once again, I swerved onto the sidewalk to avoid getting hit, but this time I hit the curb.  I flew off my bike, landed on my knee and shoulder and rolled slamming my face into the concrete.  It happened so fast that I honestly do not remember the sequence of events, but the results of the crash are evident on my right cheek, right knee and right shoulder.


I was pissed MAD!  The crash caused my handlebars to bend and twist out of alignment.  My body ached.  Feeling like my training had been crushed due to almost being squashed, I had no choice to hop on my bike and head home.


A lady in a SUV witnessed my accident and stopped to offer assistance.  Thinking back, I should have asked to borrow her phone and called Allan to come get me, but I was so mad and in shock that I couldn’t think clearly.  Instead, I pedaled home on bike with crooked handlebars.

7. 51 miles

Time 34:10

Speed 13.2


 Once back home about a half hour after my spill, I had the worst headache and my vision went funny.  There appeared to be a blurry or hazing in my peripheral vision.  I took some Tylenol and called my doctor to see if I need emergency care.  While on hold with the doctor’s office, the headache and my vision disappeared, so I never went to the doctor but I took it easy for the rest of the day.  Later in the day, I began to feel a pain near my ribs, which I assume is a bruised rib.   


Allan suggested I bike the trail near our house, but the psycho cyclists on the trail scare me.  I think they may hurt me worse than an idiot driver.  Allan also thinks that it may be time to abandon the biking thing.  Running is definitely my strongest sport.


  1. Lori says:

    Oh no! That all sounds awful. I’m so glad you are okay. I would be mad as well. I am glad to hear that someone did stop to help though. People HAVE to learn to share the road. I would really love to start biking, but i have to find a place off the road. It just scares me so much in our area because no one seems to have a clue that bikes are around and it’s a college town! Rest up and heal quickly, thoughts are with you.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Maybe a stationary bike would be a good investment. Or, maybe you could try those geeky orange flags that attach to the back of bikes. In either case, I certainly hope that you feel better and take it easy–biking is not worth risking your life over.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and didn’t need the ER. Once the kids start school I’d love to bike the trail. Did you see that I bought a road bike?

  4. morethananelectrician says:

    I really think that bikes are a lot more dangerous because of the people not paying attention. Being a runner, I imagine that every turn has a runner or bicyclist in it and I wait until I make sure it is clear…on every turn. Since I was hit, I am paranoid about it now.

    I did have my best run EVER after I was hit.

  5. lindsay says:

    such a crazy series of events! i’m glad you are OK though 🙂 this is my biggest fear of biking. when you fall from running you aren’t going nearly as fast and are just less-likely to be hit by a car. i definitely thinking drivers should remember to look out for ALL traffic. i think as runner’s/athletes we remember these things because we are so used to keeping a close eye out for traffic.

    hope you are feeling better today. enjoy a forced day off, get pampered some more, and hopefully tomorrow you can get back in the game – no more sore ribs!

  6. Denise W says:

    Is there a neighborhood near you that has those bike trails? A lot of places are putting them in. Drivers can be soooooo aggressive, it’s just not worth the risk to cycle where there’s a lot of traffic. We live on a highway, and the triathlete hubby bought me a bike and took me twice. It was enough for me. Too many idiots out there….I cried, literally, both times I was so scared.

    • Run DMT says:

      Yes, there is a bike trail about a mile from my house which actually links to the park where I run with the Striders. I just don’t feel confident enough to hang with the real cyclists yet. I guess they’re safer than cars, though.

  7. Amanda M. says:

    Oh my, I hope the pain is beginning to subside. The kids and I were planning to go stand at the front entrance to the neighborhood and cheer everyone on. I hope you are feeling better by Sat. so we can cheer for you. : )

  8. marathonmom says:

    I am so sorry ~ I have been seeing your tweeets about the ribs and wondered what happened. Take it easy and don’t push it ~ it’s Gods way of saying “slow Down”

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